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Brody File Commentary: America’s Marriage Problem

CBN News Chief Political Correspondent David Brody offers insight on the gay marriage debate and how it impacts the...

Brody File Commentary: The Paul Ryan Issue

Protests are growing again Rep. Paul Ryan, who some Catholics say is wrongly using his faith to promote his...

EPA Official Resigns Over 'Crucify' Comment

EPA Official Resigns Over 'Crucify' Comment

Brody File Commentary: Mitt Romney's Mormon Faith

CBN News Chief Political Correspondent David Brody gives his take on Mitt Romney's Mormon faith, and whether it will...

Commentary: Japan Tragedy an Act of God?

Commentary: Japan Tragedy an Act of God?

Kirk Cameron Defends Gay Remarks after Outcry

Kirk Cameron Defends Gay Remarks after Outcry

Pence's 2012 Possibilities

The Brody File commentary about Congressman Mike Pence's trip to Iowa and what that could mean about his possible...

Juan Williams: The Truth about the Tea Party

Journalist and political commentator Juan Williams warns Democrats not to marginalize the Tea Party as a group of "right-wing kooks."

Rush Limbaugh – July 10, 1990

Conservative radio talk show host and political commentator Rush Limbaugh joined Pat Robertson to talk politics and what people...

The Radicalization of Turkey

Pope Benedict XVI's visit comes at a time of growing worries in the West that the largely Muslim country...

Would Dems Revive the Fairness Doctrine?

A big Democrat win in this November's elections could jumpstart a contentious debate in Congress that has raged since...

The Truth About Muhammad

Robert Spencer knows a thing or two about the prophet Mohammed. His latest book, The Truth about Muhammad: Founder...

The Wrath of Radical Muslims

Five years after the attacks of September 11, America continues to face a challenging enemy…

Brody's Commentary on the Senate Races

David Brody says: "Country music is king here in Virginia. But for the last couple of months, incumbent Senator...

David Brody's Video Blog

David Brody gives his commentary on this week's events on Capitol Hill having to do with the Marriage Protection...

The Homefront: Serving Those Left Behind

Generous communities across the country are coming to the rescue of military families whose spouses and parents are overseas.

Is America's Day of Reckoning at Hand?

In his new book, Day of Reckoning, Buchanan says America is on the path to national suicide.

What's Fair about the Fairness Doctrine?

Should government decide how long you can listen to a liberal radio host like Al Frankin, or a conservative...