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Massachusetts Pastors Challenge State Anti-Discrimination Law

Massachusetts Pastors Challenge State Anti-Discrimination Law

Texas Assigns Dignity to Aborted Babies: 'They Shouldn't Be Treated Like Waste'

Texas Assigns Dignity to Aborted Babies: 'They Shouldn't Be Treated Like Waste'

Religious Freedom a New Battle Line in America

Religious Freedom a New Battle Line in America

Bring It On-Line: Reaching out and Forgiveness - April 19, 2016

As Christians, how do we reach out to everyone per our commission? How can God forgive me and how...

CBN News Minute - January 27 2016

Today’s CBN News Minute: Trump vows to boycott the last GOP debate before Iowa caucus… Liberty’s Falwell endorses Trump,...

Trump and Evangelicals: True Love or Settling for Second Best?

Republican presidential candiate Donald Trump is talking faith and it's getting a mixed reaction.

Title: What’s the Problem With Praying?

Dr. Russell Moore, president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention offers some analysis...

House Panel Probes 'Global Crisis' of Religious Freedom

The House Foreign Affairs Committee is investigating what it calls a "global crisis" of religious freedom.  

Abbot: Harvesting of Baby Parts Not Allowed in Texas

Texas will no longer allow Medicaid funds to go to Planned Parenthood, Gov. Greg Abbott announced Monday.

A Matter of Time Before ISIS 'Holocaust' Hits West

After the Holocaust, the world said "never again." But a group of religious freedom fighters says the world is...

US to Take in More Refugees amid Migrant Crisis

Many Americans have been following the refugee crisis in Europe. Now President Obama wants to bring some of those...

Court: Okla. Must Remove Commandments from Capitol

A Ten Commandments monument at the Oklahoma state Capitol must go, the state's Supreme Court ruled 7-2 Monday.

Israel's Military Preps for Iran Deal Fallout

While Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon welcomed U.S. Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter to Israel for talks on the...

Christians in Deep Danger: 'We Dare Not Be Silent'

From Egypt, to Syria and Iraq, ancient Christian communities --among the world's oldest -- are under threat of extinction.

Bring It On-Line: America and the Great Commission

It's my understanding that religious freedom in the founding of America was for the fulfilling of the Great Commission-not...

Same-Sex Ministry in an Age of Gay Marriage

Since the Supreme Court's ruling on gay marriage, churches are re-thinking ministry to those with same-sex attraction. What they're finding...

Is Christianity Really Dying in America?

The mainstream media is reporting recent survey results by the Pew Research Center as if it's the end of...

High Court Set to Usher in Age of Religious Bigotry?

Christian leaders around the country are deeply concerned about how the next Supreme Court ruling on marriage could affect...