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Judicial Watch: Clinton's Conduct in Email Scandal 'Extraordinarily Dangerous'

Judicial Watch: Clinton's Conduct in Email Scandal 'Extraordinarily Dangerous'

'Lit Up Like a Christmas Tree.' OPM Hacking Was 'Entirely Preventable'

'Lit Up Like a Christmas Tree.' OPM Hacking Was 'Entirely Preventable'

IRS Commissioner Censured Over Tea Party Targeting

IRS Commissioner Censured Over Tea Party Targeting

Bigwig Candidates Make Case for Israel at AIPAC Conference

The annual American Israel Public Affairs Committee Conference always attracts a bi-partisan "Tier A" list of political bigwigs looking...

Obamacare Under Fire for 'Flawed' Approach to Rooting Out Fraud

The president's health care law is coming under fire once again, this time for its flaws in rooting out...

Regional EPA Administrator Resigns Over Flint Water Crisis

A regional director with the Environmental Protection Agency is resigning amid the drinking water crisis in Flint, Michigan.

Accepting Muslim Refugees: American Charity over National Safety?

America may be a land of immigrants and the most charitable nation on Earth, but when it comes to...

House Panel Seeks Details on Vetting Process for Foreigners

Members of the House Oversight Committee are pressing administration officials over the vetting process for foreigners coming to the...

Why Students Don't Want Free Speech on Campus Anymore

Many college students today want to feel safe by demanding a ban on speech that makes them feel uncomfortable. This...

World Leaders Sound Climate Alarm: 'No Time to Waste'

President Barack Obama joined some 150 world leaders in Paris Monday to launch two weeks of talks aimed at...

TSA Failing at 'Every Airport' Says Homeland Security

Despite years of government efforts, airport security is still failing.

GOP Candidates Target RNC after Debate Debacle

With just nine days before the next Republican presidential debate, representatives of nearly all the candidates met Sunday evening...

House Panel Probes 'Global Crisis' of Religious Freedom

The House Foreign Affairs Committee is investigating what it calls a "global crisis" of religious freedom.  

House Committee Chair: Impeach IRS Chief

There's a move in Congress to impeach the head of the Internal Revenue Service for his role in the...

Clinton's Benghazi Hearing Raises More Questions than Answers

Some political observers argue there are now more questions than answers after Hillary Clinton's day-long testimony to the House...

Clinton Defends Her Role in Benghazi Failure

Hillary Rodham Clinton firmly defended her record before, during and after the Benghazi attacks as she came face-to-face Thursday...

Speaker Boehner: 'Beware of False Prophets'

Outgoing Speaker of the House John Boehner vowed there will be no government shutdown when the money runs out...

Top General Torches Obama's Syria-ISIS Strategy

The Pentagon's strategy for training Syrian fighters to defeat ISIS on the ground is a "total failure."