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Dare to Be Kind in An Unkind World

Lizzie Velasquez has weathered the cruelty of online bullying, but responds with kindness. Now she's showing people how to...

World Series Pitcher Aids Operation Blessing Disaster Relief

World Series champion, Curt Shilling, shows up at Operation Blessing’s Hurricane Harvey disaster relief command center to donate recovery...

Operation Blessing Still Hard at Work After Hurricanes

Operation Blessing continues to help relief efforts in the devastating wake of hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

'We Love God and We Love People': Compassion Motivates Volunteer Rescuers

'We Love God and We Love People': Compassion Motivates Volunteer Rescuers

The 700 Club - August 23, 2017

They say old habits are hard to break, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Learn how to...

New Well Promises a Brighter Future for African Village

In a remote Uganda, villagers are desperate to find water. To help those threatened by sickness, starvation, and death,...

Pre-School Offers New Life to Impoverished Kids

Orphan's Promise has stepped into an African slum to improve the lives of more than 400 at-risk children.

Conflict of Interest: Cards Stacked Against Charlie Gard?

Conflict of Interest: Cards Stacked Against Charlie Gard?

Child Soldier Escapes to Freedom

Isaac was captured and forced to join the Lord's Resistance Army as a child solder. After witnessing endless horror,...

A Day in the Life of a Welder in the Congo

CBN gets a look into the life of Mbuta, a welder who grew up an orphan in the Congo.

Living a Day in the Life of Those In Need

CBN's Dan Reany experiences life with one of the Guatemalan families CBN assists in international humanitarian efforts.

Audio Adrenaline Takes On Haiti's Orphan Crisis

Lead singer of the Christian rock group, Audio Adrenaline, discusses The Hands and Feet Project that provides family-style, residential...

Changing the World One Church at a Time

Janice Allen is the CEO of International Cooperating Ministries, an organization working to change lives in more than 80...

CBN Helps Purify Water After Peru Floods

9-year-old Rocio and her mom and siblings were caught up in recent flooding where they live in northern Peru....

Desire to Learn Fosters Successful Non-Profit

Armed with an MBA from Regent University, Roger partnered with Operation Blessing and started a non-profit to provide relief...

Regent University Law Students Are Changing the World

Students from Regent University discuss working with organizations around the world to combat human trafficking, protect children, secure religious...