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News Channel Morning Edition: December 7, 2012

On CBN News Channel Morning News, Dec. 7: Pot, gay marriage votes spur complex legal dance, Tsunami warning lifted...

Pot, Gay Marriage Votes Spur Complex Legal Dance

Pot, Gay Marriage Votes Spur Complex Legal Dance

Regent University Chapel Nears Completion

Pat Robertson takes viewers to the scene of the Regent University Chapel as the Steeple goes up.

Eyewitnesses to the "Good Friday Miracle"

On Good Friday 2012, A Navy Jet doing routine practice exercise crashed down into an apartment complex in Virginia...

The 700 Club - September 18, 2012

Bishop Harry Jackson shares why it's important to pray daily for America. Plus, a Navy fighter jet falls out...

Jet Crash a 'Good Friday, Miracle' - But How?

Jet Crash a 'Good Friday, Miracle' - But How?

UN Inspectors Want to Visit Iran Military Complex

UN Inspectors Want to Visit Iran Military Complex

In the Weeds

The GOP race to the White House is getting a little complex, with varying frontrunners from state to state....

News Channel Morning Edition: February 20, 2012

Watch the Feb. 20 edition of CBN News Channel's Morning News with Efrem Graham and Charlene Israel. Top Stories...

Making Superbook: Animation, Creation to Completion

We take a behind the scenes look at how an animated scene is made, from creation to completion.

Believing Life's 'Signature in the Cell'

Several scientists are saying that takes more faith to believe in evolution than it does to believe in a creator.

Eddie Long: One Minute Can Change Everything

Sixty seconds is all you need to reach greatness. Pastor and author Eddie Long explains how.

Solving America's Illegal Immigrant Problem

The biggest and most complex issue is what to do with the illegals already in America.

Is a World Government on the Horizon?

President Bush is urging the Senate to ratify a treaty, supporters say, which will protect America’s access to strategic...

Move Over YouTube…

CBN News journeyed to the headquarters of in Plano, Texas to take a look at what makes the...

Tears for a Divided Jerusalem?

Chris Mitchell looks at why dividing Jerusalem may be the ultimate obstacle on the roadmap to peace.

Jim Reed: The Ultimate Storm Chaser

Photographer and veteran storm chaser Jim Reed says he is no adrenaline junkie. He's a man with a mission.

Dr. Michael Roizen: Cancer Prevention 101

Did you know your body has a guard dog to protect it against cancer? Dr. Michael Roizen, author of...