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This week on The Brody File will Chuck Hagel be confirmed? Will the government be shut down? Will the...

US Confirms Iran Attack on US Drone

US Confirms Iran Attack on US Drone

VIDEO: Presidente de Honduras confirma asistencia a COICOM

VIDEO: Presidente de Honduras confirma asistencia a COICOM

Mending a Baby's Broken Heart

A doctor confirmed it. Jing Wen had a hole in his heart and needed immediate surgery to survive. But...

Stories of Hope and Survival Rise from Storms' Debris

Stories of Hope and Survival Rise from Storms' Debris

Ralph Reed: Turning Beliefs into Votes

Ralph Reed's book, The Confirmation, is a fictional political thriller that parallels several current issues facing Washington.

CBN NewsWatch: August 5, 2010

On Thursday's CBN Newswatch with Wendy Griffith: Kagan confirmed to the Supreme Court, reaction to the ruling against Proposition...

News Channel Morning Edition: July 1, 2010

Watch the Thursday, July 1 edition of CBN Newschannel's Morning News with Heather Sells. Top Stories -- Va. Health...

One Phone Call Away from Suicide

Lynne believed she was fatally flawed. After several failed marriages, she decided to take her life.

CBN NewsWatch: June 28, 2010

Watch CBN NewsWatch with Lee Webb and Wendy Griffith. Top Stories: A look at Elena Kagan's first confirmation hearing,...

News Channel Morning Edition: June 28, 2010

Watch CBN News Morning with Heather Sells. Top Stories: Confirmation Hearings Begin for Supreme Court Nominee Elena Kagan, Longest-serving...


A section of ancient wall discovered in Jerusalem might confirm the Biblical account of the city dating to the...

News on The 700 Club: February 23, 2010

As seen on The 700 Club for Tuesday, Feb. 23, the top stories from CBN News include -- NYC...

Mark McKenzie's Message from God

Before this Hollywood composer worked with the likes of Steven Spielberg, he was looking for direction.

Silent Night, Dark Night in Philippines

It's a dark silent Christmas for the 1.5 million Filipinos affected by super Typhoon Durian. Operation Blessing is there...

Nursing a Need

2002 - a year of stock market ups and downs that forced many people to put their plans on...

N. Korea: Preparing a Second Test?

North Korea says it "wants peace but is not afraid of war" and will quote: "deal merciless blows" against...

Never Again: Ashcroft on Post-9/11 Efforts

John Ashcroft recently talked with Pat Robertson about post-9/11 and his book 'Never Again.'