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How Clinton's Email Controversy Is Affecting Her Campaign

How Clinton's Email Controversy Is Affecting Her Campaign

The Brody File: Trump Plus God Equals What? - September 1, 2016

Former presidential candidate Michele Bachmann joins The Brody File this week to talk about how, "God raised up" Donald...

Christian World News - August 12, 2016

This week on Christian World News, meet the Olympic athlete who wanted nothing to do with God, until failure...

Running Mate Mike Pence Sounds Off on Keeping Trump on Message

Running Mate Mike Pence Sounds Off on Keeping Trump on Message

Genetically Modified Mosquito Created to Fight Zika

Scientists are fighting against the Zika virus with a controversial new method.

Rivals Slam Trump over Violent Rallies: 'He Incites Violence'

As voters prepare to head to the polls, controversy over a string of violent brawls continues to swirl around...

Wheaton Faculty Oppose Firing Professor Who Supported Islam

The faculty at Wheaton College is telling the Christian school not to fire a controversial professor who has been defending Islam.

Searching For Jesus? New Book Confirms Gospel Accounts

It seems just about every Christmas or Easter, academics and archaeologists come up with some new controversial claim about Jesus.

ICYMI: TV Ads Stir Up Controversial Topic

Soups, x-rays and Barbie dolls are not usually controversial topics, but during this holiday season its creating quite the buzz.

After Muslim Remarks, No Go for Trump in Israel

Donald Trump was set to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu later this month, but his controversial call to ban...

CBN News Weekend: Public School Policy & Prayer

On CBN News Weekend, Nov. 7: In Virginia, a transgender policy implemented by Fairfax County public schools - before...

US Denies Request to Delay Keystone XL Review

The State Department is continuing its review of the controversial Keystone XL pipeline despite a request by the project's...

Facebook Pic of Praying HS Football Players Causes Stir

A Facebook photo of North Dakota high school football players praying on field is creating a controversy.

What’s to Hide? School Board Sues to Conceal Transgender Policy

A controversial gender identity policy may lead to the ousting of several school board members in Fairfax County, Virginia.

Carson Shatters Cash Record after Muslim Comments

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson has set new records for raising campaign cash in the wake of his controversial...

Senate Blocks Iran Vote with Filibuster

President Barack Obama's controversial Iranian nuclear deal is moving forward unchecked by Congress.

Clinton Won't Apologize over Email Scandal

Democratic presidential hopeful Hilary Clinton says she won't apologize for her controversial email practices while she was secretary of...

Iran: Deal or No Deal, US Still the 'Great Satan'

As Iran hardliners continue to chant "death to America," President Barack Obama is on the verge of getting congressional...