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How Clinton's Email Controversy Is Affecting Her Campaign

How Clinton's Email Controversy Is Affecting Her Campaign

CBN NewsWatch: September 9, 2016

On CBN Newswatch, September 9: How Clinton's email controversy is affecting her campaign; Seoul condemns latest N. Korean...

Running Mate Mike Pence Sounds Off on Keeping Trump on Message

Running Mate Mike Pence Sounds Off on Keeping Trump on Message

700 Club Interactive - Do Christians Still Have Influence? - May 2, 2016

Gordon Robertson and Terry Meeuwsen discuss solutions to the transgender bathroom controversy.

Trump Backtracks on Abortion Comments after Backlash

A top political consultant is warning Americans to "get ready for the ugliest campaign in memory." That comes as...

Rivals Slam Trump over Violent Rallies: 'He Incites Violence'

As voters prepare to head to the polls, controversy over a string of violent brawls continues to swirl around...

New York Judge Sworn in on Koran Draws Backlash

A Brooklyn civil court judge is the center of controversy because she took her oath of office swearing on...

Christian World News: November 20, 2015

This week on Christian World News: Helping Paris heal after the deadly terrorist attack. Plus, the controversy over Syrian...

Facebook Pic of Praying HS Football Players Causes Stir

A Facebook photo of North Dakota high school football players praying on field is creating a controversy.

'Run, Joe, Run' Chants Fuel Biden 2016 Speculation

Amid the email controversy surrounding Hillary Clinton's campaign, a new Democratic presidential contender appears to be emerging: Vice President...

Pastor: School's Football Field Baptism 'Voluntary'

A mass baptism on a Georgia public school football field is drawing criticism and controversy.

Former Planned Parenthood Director Confirms Group’s Deception

Former Planned Parenthood director Abby Johnson says that the undercover videos in the news recently only scratch the surface...

Crisis Pregnancy Nurse Manager on Saving Lives

Nurse Manager for Crisis Pregnancy Center, Sandra Coates talks about her efforts to save little lives.

Gay Marriage: What Now for Christians and the Church?

The Supreme Court's ruling on gay marriage has sparked controversy ranging from religious freedom to how parents should talk...

Texas Cop Resigns after Pool Party Controversy

The police officer in McKinney, Texas, who was seen on video pushing a black girl to the ground outside a pool party...

Clinton Storm Grows Over Secret Emails, Media Allies

Controversies surrounding Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton's secretive private email server and her ties to a top ABC...

Bill Clinton Made Millions with Hillary at State Dept.

The U.S. State Department gave near-blanket approval to hundreds of overseas requests from Bill Clinton while Hillary Clinton was...

Report Ties Clintons to Russian Uranium Deal in US

More controversy is arising over the Clinton Foundation and its relationship with wealthy foreign contributors while Hillary Clinton was...