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Phil Cooke: Christian Media for the New Millennium

The author of The Last TV Evangelist discusses how to reach the youth and today's culture with the Gospel.

Papal Controversy

On Pope Benedict's first trip to Israel, he visited sites holy to Christians, Muslims, and Jews. But he created...

El Salvador Moves Against Gay Marriage

Protecting Marriage in El Salvador: Catholics and Evangelicals in the Central American nation banded together to protect traditional marriage.

Miss California USA Carrie Prejean

Pat and Terry interview Carrie Prejean about the Miss USA Pageant controversy.

Janet Parshall: The Fairness Doctrine

Janet Parshall discusses threats to free speech in America as well as the implications of a return to the...

CBN News Reports: March 3, 2009

Watch CBN News with Lee Webb. Top Stories: Obama's economic plan; Hillary in Mideast; Sebelius controversy; assisted suicide in...

CBN NewsWatch: September 22, 2011

On Thursday's CBN Newswatch with Lee Webb: Iran stirs controversy at the U.N. Assembly, Palestinian leaders move forward with...

CBN NewsWatch: September 2, 2011

On Friday's CBN Newswatch with Lee Webb and Wendy Griffith: The latest job numbers paint a bad picture, Gulf...

Bring It On: Unequally Yoked

My daughter, a Christian, is dating a Catholic causing controversy in our family, what do you think? I suffer...

News Channel Midday Edition: June 8, 2011

Watch the June 8 edition of CBN News Channel's Midday News with Efrem Graham. Top Stories -- Ex-Boyfriend's Anti-Abortion...

Evangelicals: Rob Bell Preaching 'False Gospel'

Two months after popular pastor Rob Bell released his book about heaven and hell, it is still stirring debate...

Is Marriage in America a Dying Institution?

Recent well-known relationship splits and celebrity comments have turned the spotlight on the state of marriage and its sanctity...

Russia's Muslims Demand More Mosques

Moscow has four mosques serving some two million people, the largest Muslim population in Europe. But the need for...


U.S. churches are taking controversial steps to reach out to their Muslim neighbors by allowing them to hold worship...

Report: Peyton Manning Had Stem Cell Therapy

Report: Peyton Manning Had Stem Cell Therapy

'Playboy Club' Drama Glamorizing Porn Industry?

'Playboy Club' Drama Glamorizing Porn Industry?

Exodus Int'l: Churches Shying from Controversy

Exodus Int'l: Churches Shying from Controversy

Ex-Boyfriend's Anti-Abortion Ad Sparks Controversy

Ex-Boyfriend's Anti-Abortion Ad Sparks Controversy