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Arrest Leads to Spiritual Freedom

Drugs and crime put Brandon on the wrong side of the law eventually leading to his arrest. On the...

White House: President Can't Comment on Gosnell Case

White House: President Can't Comment on Gosnell Case

Fla. Imam Convicted of Funding Pakistan Taliban

Fla. Imam Convicted of Funding Pakistan Taliban

Josh Turner: Overcoming Challenges to Fulfill His Calling

Country singer/songwriter Josh Turner shares how God called him to be in the music industry.

Iranian Judge Sentences US Pastor to Eight Years

Iranian Judge Sentences US Pastor to Eight Years


Several years ago, Ami Ortiz nearly died when he opened a package bomb disguised as a Purim gift. His...

Killing Time: Resurrecting Death Row's Exonerated

Social programs that help a criminal return to society are not often available for death row inmates whose convictions...

Michele Bachmann: Core of Conviction

Michele Bachmann may no longer be a GOP presidential contender, but she’s still a power player. See what...

Josh Kezer: The Crime He Didn't Commit

Josh spent 16 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. He sought comfort in God.

Vanna Yen Finds Freedom Behind Bars

Vanna thought he was larger than life as a gang member, but a conviction for murder put him in...

The 700 Club - February 1, 2012

Author and fitness expert Amy Cotta shares her experience of dramatic weight loss in just six weeks! Plus, Vanna...

Bring It On: Guilt

Should you correct someone else's children? What is the difference between guilt and conviction? Why would God release Satan...

Rep. Mike Pence: 'It All Begins with Faith'

Republicans are on the political prowl. One of the men responsible for leading the GOP charge is Rep. Mike Pence.

Dennis Fritz: Vindicated

He was wrongly accused and sent to prison for a crime he didn't commit. See how this ordinary man...

Marlise Kast: The Truth Behind Tabloid Media

Gossip. Dirt. Sleaze. Marlise Kast sold her soul in the cutthroat world of Hollywood celebrity reporting. Her biggest story...

Spiritual Rally on Wall Street

Sunday, September 23, 2007, marks the 150th anniversary of one of the world's most unique revivals, and what some...

The Haystack Revival

America is known for sending Christian missionaries all over the world. The birthplace of that heart for the nations...

Beyond the Veil of Lies

Vu Tran was raised to worship his ancestors and succeed in life with smooth alibis to cover his crimes....