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Global Terror Watch after Deadly Bombings in Pakistan

The death toll from the massive suicide bombing in Pakistan has climbed to more than 70 as the country...

Brussels a Hotspot for Jihadists, Attack No Surprise

CBN News brings analysis on the attacks in Brussels, and why the country should have been prepared for the...

A 'New' Church of England Emerges in the 'Old' Country

Tucked away in England's magnificent landscape stands an Anglican church that was once the center of its community. But...

Jerusalem Marathon Runners Describe City as 'Breathtaking'

An upsurge in terrorism in Israel over the last six months didn't stop this year's Jerusalem Winner Marathon.

Obama's Cuba Visit Comes Amid Record-Setting Human Rights Abuses

President Obama's visit to Cuba next week follows recent government crackdowns against political dissidents in the communist country.

Obama's Cuba Visit Comes Amid Record-Setting Human Rights Abuses

Obama's Cuba Visit Comes Amid Record-Setting Human Rights Abuses

'Please Save My Life!' US Works to Free Student from N. Korea

The United States is seeking the release of 21-year-old University of Virginia student Otto Warmbier, sentenced to 15-years hard...

Chinese Christians' Care for Orphans Brings Remarkable Changes

After 18 years, the dream of seeing a million Chinese children moved from orphanages into local, loving families is...

Fans, Friends Say Goodbye to Gospel Singer Joey Feek

Hundreds of fans and friends attended a public memorial service Sunday for country music singer Joey Feek.

Merkel on Firing Line over Germany's Open-Door Immigration Policy

The German voters have made it clear. Chancellor Angela Merkel and her open-door immigration policies have been disastrous for...

Gizmo at the 'Top the World' Helps Devastated Kids Laugh Again

The country was devastated last year by a tragic earthquake. Today, CBN's Superbook's "Gizmo" is helping kids laugh again...

Groups Provide Proof of Islamic State's 'Genocide' of Christians

ISIS is committing "genocide" against Christians and other religious groups, according to a report co-sponsored by the Knights of...

Mitt Romney's Epic Trump Take-Down: 'He's a Phony!'

Former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney spoke out in an epic take-down of Republican frontrunner Donald Trump, calling him...

Strategic Shift in Middle East Bodes Well for Israel

Israeli and Jewish leaders say in spite of the dangers in the Middle East, some promising developments are unfolding,...

Christian Judge Faces Ethics Charges for Marriage Views

A county judge in Oregon may lose his job after refusing to perform same-sex marriage ceremonies.

Transgender Boys in Girls' Locker Rooms a New Civil Right?

School districts across the country are scrambling to develop policies for transgender students. They're facing financial pressure from the...

700 Club Interactive - Family S.O.S- February 23, 2016

The world’s “Most Famous Nanny,” Jo Frost takes her parenting techniques across the country and rescues families in need.

Chinese Americans Protest Racial Bias in Asian Cop's Conviction

Thousands of protestors gathered in 40 cities across the country this past weekend to denounce the conviction of a...