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Dad Makes Kids Do This Crazy Thing for Summer

Dad Makes Kids Do This Crazy Thing for Summer

Clearing the Smoke: Real Costs of Legal Pot

Talk of big tax revenue is behind a growing push to legalize pot across the United States with many...

The Brody File: Huckabee and The Selfie - April 10, 2014

This week on The Brody File, we go one on one with former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee and get...

Bring It On-Line: Snake Handlers

Can you give me some insight on UFO's and Bigfoot? People have seen strange phenomena, and not just the...

700 Club Interactive: Crazy Motherhood - February 25, 2013

Wife, blogger, and mother Rachel Jankovic shares about the joys of motherhood and her new book Fit to Burst.

Tire Executive Denounces France's 'Crazy' Unions

Tire Executive Denounces France's 'Crazy' Unions

Black Friday Craziness Getting a Head Start

Black Friday Craziness Getting a Head Start

Doomsday Ready? More Americans Becoming 'Preppers'

'Preppers' are sometimes viewed as crazy people waiting for the zombie apocalypse. But with the state of the economy,...

CBN NewsWatch: June 12, 2012

On Tuesday’s CBN Newswatch: Investigations into national security leaks get heated, Florida under the microscope over possible voter fraud,...

700 Club Canada: December 19, 2011

On this 700 Club Canada, the true meaning of Christmas and we hear about Jesus' crazy relatives.

Under Fire, Kyrgystan Judge Stands for Righteousness

Christian judge Anarkul Toksobayeva was changed after a revolution ended the reign of the Kyrgyzstan President.

Bring It On: Anointing Oil

Is it okay for first graders to be boy-crazy? Is drinking anointing oil Biblical?

Turning Hard Times to Good Times

Hard times left them under a mountain of debt, using credit just to be able to eat. Then they...

Debt-Free in Two Years

Mike and Carma Richins considered divorce and bankruptcy. But, God chose to do something else that would help them...

When Life Doesn't Compute

Cary went from corporate executive to unemployed in the blink of an eye when his dot-com start-up company went under.

The Riveras: The Definition of a Hundredfold

Victor's and Alice's debt was out of control, but Victor says God began to show him that it didn’t...

More Than 'Goode' Enough: Meet David and Kristina

Who gets a financial blessing then gives it away? The Goodes did, and what seemed like a crazy idea...

Bring It On -- Relationship with Inlaws

Pat Robertson and Kristi Watts answer the following question: My mother in law is driving me crazy and...