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Christian Scientist, Creator of Laser, Dies at 99

Christian Scientist, Creator of Laser, Dies at 99

CBN Global Update: January 26, 2015

CBN just created the first Superbook episode with the tribal language of the Karreni people in Myanmar. CBN will...


A company in Jerusalem has created the world’s smallest New Testament.

How to Make Healthy Food a Fun Adventure for the Whole Family!

Author Jennifer Tyler Lee created a game of eating healthy foods as an answer to her kids’ finicky food...

Christian World News - January 2, 2015

This week on Christian World News: The town that makes taxis advertise the Word of God. Plus, a...

The 700 Club - December 22, 2014

Al and Joyce Moorhouse help others create a Christmas tradition with handmade cookie cutters. Also, Dan was diagnosed with...

Creating Homemade Christmas Memories

Entertaining expert Camille Styles demonstrates Christmas crafts that will enhance your holiday décor and make for fun holiday memories...

Creating a Warm and Welcoming Home for Christmas

Entertaining expert Camille Styles will demonstrate easy to make treats and share tips on how you can decorate your...

The 700 Club - December 10, 2014

Entertaining expert Camille Styles will help you easily create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for your home this Christmas....

The 700 Club - December 9, 2014

Laura Derk’s decorative scroll creations can be used to enhance the true meaning of Christmas. Also, NFL running...

Decorating to Reflect the True Meaning of Christmas

Laura Derk has been creating decorative paper scrolls for over 20 years. See how her special Christmas designs add...

The Secret to Being Accepted by Your Creator

An abusive childhood traumatizes Rick so much that he runs away from God, when in fact, God is just...

CBN Global Update: November 24, 2014

CBN-sponsored events in India are creating thousands of new Superbook and Gizmo fans there!

700 Club Interactive: Appointed: Your Future Starts Now Nov. 20, 2014

You were created for such a time as this! Autumn Miles shares how her abusive past led to...

VineArts Ministry: 'I'm Talking with God as I Create'

VineArts Ministry: 'I'm Talking with God as I Create'

Helping Veterans Create a Resilient Live

Helping Veterans Create a Resilient Live


U.S. air strikes in Iraq have halted the advance of the Islamic ISIS army, but the group is targeting...

Celebrating God’s Creations with the Curren Family

Richard, Tanya and Pierce Curren from TV's “Scaly Adventures,” discuss how God uses animals to demonstrate his love for creation.