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Standing for Life, Marriage and Gender

Popular blogger Matt Walsh says it’s now or never for the church to take a stand as life, marriage...

San Francisco Giants Executive Shares Key Ingredient to Success

Bobby Evans has been part of the winning culture in San Francisco Giants baseball for over 20 years. Working...

Satanist Finds Peace After Lifetime of Fear

Initiated into a Satanic cult as a young girl, Patricia spent her entire life fighting to free herself from...

The Importance of Unity Amongst Christians and Jews

Rabbi Yitzchok Adlerstein, the Director of Interfaith Affairs at the Simon Wiesenthal Center, discusses Israel and the increasing interfaith...

Medium Seeks Control In Life of Chaos and Confusion

Maura was raised surrounded by the occult, and looked to spirits for wisdom and direction. Though she felt their...

Sid Roth's Messianic Vision

TV host Sid Roth discusses his spring trip to Israel and his recent acquisition of Middle East Television.

Studio 5: New Movie, Music and Museum

Get a behind-the-scenes preview of the film Hillsong: Let Hope Rise with the band members, the pastors and the...

700 Club Interactive - Good Faith - September 14, 2016

As culture becomes hostile to Christians, David Kinnaman shares how we can bring faith into conversations.

David Lane: Time For Pastors To Engage The Culture And Their Flocks

David Lane: Time For Pastors To Engage The Culture And Their Flocks

Devout Buddhist Longs For Something More?

Alex lived up to his parents' expectations and followed Buddhist customs, but he questioned his faith. He was compelled...

Kim Walker-Smith: The Genesis of Jesus Culture

Kim Walker-Smith shares the genesis of Jesus Culture and how this once youth group worship team became a global...

Studio 5: Mentoring Mother

Actress & comedienne Kym Whitley shares how she went from mentor to mother in an hour. Singer Demetria Stallings...

Perfectionist Finds Peace with Christian Faith

Emily longed for approval and acceptance and as a college student she dabbled in false religions.

A Power Stronger Than Spells

As a child, Brooke turned to witchcraft for answers to her depression. When she was 14 the depression lifted,...

Is Disney Princess Culture Limiting Your Daughter for Life?

Is Disney Princess Culture Limiting Your Daughter for Life?