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Christian World News: Decenber 4, 2015

This week on Christian World News: Attack in America. A Muslim couple kills 14 people in California. See why...

What Ancient Seal Reveals About Jerusalem's History

This week, Hebrew University announced one of the most significant archaeological finds in years.

FBI Investigating California Massacre as 'Act of Terrorism'

The FBI said Friday it is officially investigating the mass shooting in California as an "act of terrorism," after...

'I Saw Boatloads' of Filipinos Going as Missionaries

It's been 20 years since Gordon Robertson started a Christian ministry in the Philippines, and now Filipino Christians are...

Christian World News: November 27, 2015

This week on Christian World News: The epic story of a Vietnamese boat family adrift at sea after the...

What's Worse Than Muslim Radicals?

CBN News Middle East Bureau Chief Chris Mitchell spoke with Rosenberg about this threat and other developments in the...

Christian World News: November 20, 2015

This week on Christian World News: Helping Paris heal after the deadly terrorist attack. Plus, the controversy over Syrian...

Under the Radar: God’s Smuggler Brings Gospel to Darkest Places on Earth

For decades, a missionary known as Brother Andrew has had one mission, and that is to bring the Gospel...

Christian World News: November 13, 2015

This Week on Christian World News: The real-life miracle of 33 miners rescued after weeks trapped underground. Five years...

Christian World News: November 6, 2015

This week on Christian World News: In a nation where Bibles once had to be smuggled, Christian bookstores are...

'The Mexico Miracle': Prayer Slows Hurricane in Its Tracks

In Mexico, Hurricane Patricia swept ashore as the strongest hurricane ever in the western hemisphere. Amazingly, it caused little...

Christian World News: October 30, 2015

This week on Christian World News:

How These Kids Raised 35K for a Congo Hospital

Gabe and Livvy Finn are a brother and sister from Kentucky who did something remarkable.

Christian World News: October 23, 2015

This week on Christian World News:

Pastor Pays Price to See Germany's Spiritual Revival

Once the birthplace of the Reformation, much of Germany today is covered by a profound spiritual darkness. But one...

October 16, 2015 Christian World News

This week on Christian World News: Terrorists stab and shoot Israelis in the streets of Jerusalem. Who's inciting the...

Hawaii Marine Base Keeps 'God Bless' Sign, For Now

Hawaii Marine Base Keeps 'God Bless' Sign, For Now

Indonesia Closing Churches, Yet Faith Still Grows

Radical Muslims are pressuring officials to close churches and jail pastors in Indonesia. And that's not all.