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Church Massacre Highlights Confederate Flag Debate

State lawmakers approved a measure to debate removing the Confederate flag from state grounds after pictures of the accused...

Rand Paul Is Ready for a GOP Rumble

Senator Rand Paul talks to David Brody about getting ready to put on the boxing gloves during the GOP debates.

Charleston Church Mourns, Celebrates Lives Lost

Last week's South Carolina church massacre has prompted some calls for gun restrictions. Some say now is not the...

20-Week Abortion Ban Makes Its Way to Senate

The U.S. Senate will soon debate whether America can in good conscience continue to abort unborn babies 20 weeks...

Josh Duggar & Sibling Sex Abuse: 'Don't Ignore It'

Reports that Josh Duggar, from "19 Kids and Counting," molested minors as a young teen sparked debate on how...

Rosita Martínez: "Fui lesbiana, pero ya no".

Un individuo nace hombre o mujer, debido a su carga cromosómica XX o XY. En la actualidad se debate...

Senate Debates Congressional Approval of Iran Deal

The U.S. Senate began debating Tuesday on legislation that would make congressional approval a requirement for any nuclear deal...

Daughter of Lesbians: 'The Kids Are Not Alright'

One key part of today's Supreme Court debate centers on whether sanctioning gay marriage is fair to the children...

Court Could Force Same-Sex Marriage on Every State

After years of debate, the Supreme Court will decide if gay marriage should be the law of the land....

VIDEO: Debate de opiniones en Cartagena por oración en Concejo

En unas semanas se sabrá si permiten la plegaria o la eliminan definitivamente.

CBN News Sunday: Same-Sex Marriage Debate & Children

On CBN News Sunday, April 26: The U.S. Supreme Court is set to hear arguments about the legality of...

Where Are the Courageous Christian Leaders?

Religious freedom laws in states like Indiana and Arkansas are creating a debate across the nation with differing opinions....

Kerri Kupec on Colorado Bakery Debate

CBN News Spoke with Kerri Kupec with the Alliance Defending Freedom about Phillps' case.

CBN News Weekend, March 21

In depth look at the Common Core controversy and the debate has spread to the 2016 presidential campaign; A...

VIDEO: Organizaciones de fe cambian el futuro de niños en Sudán del Sur

Menores sufren consecuencias de guerra civil que se debate en este país.

Twitter Shaping Debate on Common Core Standards?

Twitter Shaping Debate on Common Core Standards?


ISIS cuts the heads of 21 Egyptian Christians and the West debates the best way to fight radical Islam.

Christian World News - February 20, 2015

This week on Christian World News: The barbaric execution of 21 Egyptian Christians by ISIS is sparking debate about...