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The 700 Club - April 18, 2013

A member of baseball's most storied franchise, Mark Teixeira talks with CBN Sporst about his faith. Plus, Author Kristina...

Finish College Debt Free

Author Kristina Ellis shares her experience of using scholarships to finish college debt-free.

The 700 Club - January 23, 2013

The Parkers’ were faithful tithers but they racked up a lot of credit card debt. They learned how...

Lifting a $300,000 Debt Off Their Shoulders

Cody and Cheri were convinced that they had to spend money to make money – only the money didn’t...

Going to College without Going in the Red

Going to College without Going in the Red

Going to College without Going in the Red

Rising tuition costs have many college students experiencing sticker shock. Financial experts are advising students on how to avoid...

The Secret to Becoming Debt-Free

Walt and Martha worked hard to become debt-free—and that didn't stop when Walt faced long-term unemployment due to a...

When You're About to Lose Everything

Kurt and Ronda suddenly went from owning a lot, to owing a lot. At $150,000 in debt, Kurt felt...

Stressed to the Max About Money?

Credit card debt, bad investment decisions and unemployment destroyed Ken and Debbie’s finances and nearly killed their marriage. Ken...

How to be Richer, Smarter and Better -Looking

In his latest book, author Zac Bissonnette breaks the mold of the stereotypical post-college graduate, urging young professionals to...

Focus on the Family Helps Families Live Debt Free

Focus on the Family Helps Families Live Debt Free

Better than College Financial Aid

Tarfa found a way to graduate from school, completely debt-free with no student loans. She found a strategy...

Debt Free Christmas

Does the Christmas shopping frenzy seem a little out of hand? We'll give you some easy ideas to...

Reversing the Financial Damage

A freak accident left Denise Burroughs with injuries, medical bills, a job loss, and lost hope. How did she...

Who Do You Blame for Your Finances?

Dexter & Cynthia blamed each other. Then they followed a list of priorities that saved them from foreclosure and...

Financial Peace: Experience the Miracle of Giving

Financial expert Dave Ramsey offers tips on how to live debt-free and experience the miracle of giving.

700 Club Interactive – November 26, 2010

Topic: Becoming Debt-Free

700 Club Interactive – October 7, 2010

Guest: Zac Bissonnette, author of Debt Free U