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The 700 Club - April 24, 2013

Kurt and Ronda had $150,000 in credit card debt and were about to lose everything.

The 700 Club - April 18, 2013

A member of baseball's most storied franchise, Mark Teixeira talks with CBN Sporst about his faith. Plus, Author Kristina...

Finish College Debt Free

Author Kristina Ellis shares her experience of using scholarships to finish college debt-free.

Testing God Leads to Financial Freedom

Charlie and Cathie filed for bankruptcy and were headed toward divorce when they decided to test God with their tithe.

700 Club Interactive: Setting Boundaries with Difficult People - Feb. 26, 2013

Debt-Proof Living founder Allison Bottke shares some tips from her latest book "Setting Boundaries with Difficult People.

700 Club Interactive: Raising Financially Confident Kids - January 30, 2013

Mary Hunt, founder of debt-proof living, offers tips to parents on how to raise financially confident kids.

Chambliss Retiring from Senate, Citing Gridlock

Chambliss Retiring from Senate, Citing Gridlock

Financial Panic to Happily Ever After!

When DL’s and Deborah’s business crashed with the housing market, they were millions in debt, and forced to declare...

House Passes Plan to Avert Debt Crisis

House Passes Plan to Avert Debt Crisis

The 700 Club - January 23, 2013

The Parkers’ were faithful tithers but they racked up a lot of credit card debt. They learned how...

An Escape for Credit Card Debt

Jim and Carolyn were spending money they didn’t have by using credit cards. After racking up $15,000 of consumer...

No Spending Cuts, No Paychecks for Congress

No Spending Cuts, No Paychecks for Congress

Looking for Adventure? – Try a Life of Faith…

Russell and Rose have found the secret to getting everything they need—without worry, fretting, or arguing. It took...


This week on The Brody File will Chuck Hagel be confirmed? Will the government be shut down? Will the...

The 700 Club - January 17, 2013

Frank and Dawn were filled with anxiety about their debt and finances. Having no way out, Frank found an...

Find Your Financial Breakthrough!

After his divorce, Steve was under a tremendous financial strain. He made a bold move that gave him the...

Forced to Choose: Food, Shelter or Medication

Russell, a man committed to his family. He cared for his elderly mother but could barely survive the financial...

When Your Finances Exceed Your Wildest Dreams

Jeff built a successful house-flipping business. But when the housing market crashed, he lost over 100 thousand dollars on...