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Saudi Arabia Plans to Wean Off Its 'Addiction' to Oil

Saudi Arabia Plans to Wean Off Its 'Addiction' to Oil

Bring It On-Line: Painful Reconciliation - April 20, 2016

If God wants us to stay married, why would He allow me so much pain? How can I get...

Salud de vuelta para Rubén.

Rubén Castellón, comenzó a sufrir de anemia debido a los parásitos intestinales, los fuertes dolores de estómago y de...

Bring It On-Line: Spiritual Gifts equal Salvation? - April 1, 2016

If I hear from God, does this mean I am saved? And if I also speak in tongues, does...

Obama, Asian Leaders Meet to Discuss N. Korea Nuke Threat

President Barack Obama is meeting with key Asian leaders Thursday to put more pressure on North Korea's nuclear development.

CBN NewsWatch: March 24, 2016

On CBN Newswatch, March 24: Europeans fearful as manhunt begins for Brussels terrorists; Netanyahu on Brussels attacks: One continuous...

Strategic Shift in Middle East Bodes Well for Israel

Israeli and Jewish leaders say in spite of the dangers in the Middle East, some promising developments are unfolding,...

Bill Gates Disputes He Sided with FBI on iPhone Access

In a surprising development in the battle over iPhone encryption security, Microsoft founder Bill Gates has come out in...

Transgender Boys in Girls' Locker Rooms a New Civil Right?

School districts across the country are scrambling to develop policies for transgender students. They're facing financial pressure from the...

Could ISIS Launch a Chemical Attack in the US?

A recent chemical weapons attack launched by ISIS in Northern Iraq is another sign of the terror group's growing...

Superbook's 'Super' Response in Philippines

Superbook's 'Super' Response in Philippines

Feeding Her Children or Keeping Them Warm

Maria tries to provide for her 2 children, but when she can find work, she making only $3 per...

The Inter-Faith Voting Bloc That Could Swing 2016 and Beyond

A major political development taking place under the radar could make a difference in 2016 and beyond.  

Friend of San Bernardino Shooter Facing Terror Charges

There's a new development in the San Bernadino, California, terror investigation. Federal charges have been filed against Enrique Marquez...

700 Club Interactive: A Heart for Orphans – December 9, 2015

An ordinary woman develops a heart for helping others, the story behind Orphan’s Promise.

700 Club Interactive: Letting Go of Guilt – December 2, 2015

A top cop develops PTSD after killing an unarmed man.

Development, Diplomacy Keys to Making Our World Safe?

The recent terrorists attacks in Paris and Mali have people across the United States wondering if America is next....

What's Worse Than Muslim Radicals?

CBN News Middle East Bureau Chief Chris Mitchell spoke with Rosenberg about this threat and other developments in the...