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Baseball Powerhouses Face Off in 2017 World Series

The Los Angeles Dodgers and Houston Astros return to baseball’s biggest stage, but players on both sides of the...

New Dash Cam Video Released after Philando Castille Verdict

New Dash Cam Video Released after Philando Castille Verdict

Israel: World Leaders in Diamond Trade

You may have heard that diamonds are a girl's best friend but what you might not know is that...

Jerusalem Dateline: Europe Calls Mideast Christian Persecution Genocide 02/12/16

This week on Jerusalem Dateline: Europe says persecution of Mideast Christians genocide; and more than a million Mideast refugees...

Chilean Miners' Story: Star-Studded Cast Honors 'The 33'

More than a billion people watched when news broke that 33 Chilean miners were buried alive. Now their story...

Miners' Miraculous Survival Hits the Big Screen

It's been five years since the world's attention was captivated by the story of 33 Chilean miners who were...

Healthcare's Antidote? Cash In on a Cash-Only Plan

As Americans are increasingly fed up with the insurance-based medical system, many are turning to what's known as concierge...


Great Britain is, according to its constitution, a Christian nation, but based on the headlines, you would think that...

Heathrow Employee Sacked over Alleged Insult to Islam

Nohad Halawi learned that in today's Britain, you'd better not be perceived as having insulted Islam at work because...

Queen's Jubilee a Success Despite Economic Worry

Queen's Jubilee a Success Despite Economic Worry

Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee

As her Diamond Jubilee approaches, find out what makes Queen Elizabeth II such an exception world leader.

George Washington Carver: Master Inventor, Artist

Carver fell in love with the wonders of nature - a passion that earned him a nick name that...

Break Free From Credit Card Bondage

Tina’s credit card debt was over $25,000. She started tithing and giving to the 700 Club and was able...

The Cactus Cuties: YouTube to Center Stage

The four young girls share the importance of the national anthem and sing the "Star-Spangled Banner."

Diamond Rio: The Disciples of Country Music

The country band crosses over into Christian music with a new testimony to share. See their interview and live performance.

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