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It's Considered One of the Most Difficult Addicitons to Break but God's Ancient Truths and Modern Science Say There's a Path to Freedom

It's Considered One of the Most Difficult Addicitons to Break but God's Ancient Truths and Modern Science Say There's...

CBN News Showcase - November 18, 2017

It’s considered the most difficult addiction to break and it is in the headlines a lot lately: sex addiction....

700 Club Interactive - October 24, 2017

What is God like? Why are things the way they are in spite of who God is? Author, Todd...

God Longs to Answer Your Difficult Questions

Todd Burpo, the author of Heaven Is For Real, shares how God can show up unexpectedly.

700 Club Interactive - July 19, 2017

ABC News anchor Byron Pitts discusses overcoming difficult childhood circumstances and his desire to help young people do the same.

Helping Kids Overcome Difficult Circumstances

ABC News anchor Byron Pitts shares how he overcame a difficult childhood and now devotes himself to helping those...

Overcoming Hardship with Hope

Emmy-winning reporter Byron Pitts discusses his faith, overcoming a difficult childhood, and helping young people overcome overwhelming odds.

Birthday Present Becomes a Gift that Keeps Giving

No matter how difficult things got for Kara and her three kids, she always tithed faithfully. She married, but...

To Grandma’s House for Food

Ahmue was pregnant; her husband in jail. With each passing month, she had more difficulty feeding her two children...

Life Comes Together After It All Falls Apart

Author Riva Tims shares how God restored her life and ministry after a difficult divorce.

Bring It On-Line: - September 27, 2016

Why is sexual immorality so common and why is it so difficult to overcome? Is it okay to...

Finding Jesus in a Refugee Camp

Naji barely escaped the Syrian civil war with his life. Sadly he lost his father, and his mother abandoned...

A Flood of Heartache

Even before the flood, it was difficult to have three generations living under one roof. The boys were still...

So Little, So Lonely, So Far From Home

Noradin’s family fled Syria’s civil war to a refugee camp in Lebanon. But because of a deformity of his...

700 Club Interactive - From Wilderness to Wonders - July 21, 2016

Healing minister Katherine Ruonala says signs and wonders follow difficult seasons.

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Do signs and wonders follow difficult seasons in our lives? Healing minister Katherine Ruonala believes they do.