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Bring It On-Line: Good Stewards

How do we know how to have the right balance between being good stewards and enjoying what God has...

Bring It On-Line: End if the World and Children

With all this talk about the end of the world, I feel that I shouldn't have children. I don't...

Bring It On-Line: Origin of Disease

How should we handle people from cults at our door to witness? Should we let them in to show...

Bring It On-Line: God's Grace

What exactly is grace-based teaching, and why it is so prominent today? How do we know when messages of...

Bring It On-Line: Astrology

I have heard that astrology readings are wrong and why is this? Can Satan do miracles and if so,...

Do We Really Know Where Christ Was Born?

Do We Really Know Where Christ Was Born?

Do We Really Know Where Christ Was Born?

Do We Really Know Where Christ Was Born?

Church of the Nativity

When Christians visit Bethlehem this time of year, most visit the Church of the Nativity, where many believe it...

Bring It On: American History

How can I repent from a sexual addiction? How do we know what the real American history is? Should...

Pat Boone: God's Hall of Fame

Scott Ross talks to this rock'n'roll icon about his legacy and why he is tackling tough questions about God.

Do we know when Jesus Christ will return?

Rev. Mark Stafford shares his insight on this question.

Bring It On: Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Pat Robertson answers the following "Bring It On" questions: How do we know that we are saved? Why do...

Bring It On: Abusive Father

What can I do about a Christian father who is abusive? How do we know that Bible translations are...