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Camarógrafos Submarinos.

En la presente historia, conozca a César Rodas y Ronnie Ottá, dos camarógrafos submarinos que viven en la isla...

Trabajo en Equipo con Tiburones

Dos buzos profesionales nadan en un tanque con 22 tiburones para limpiarlo, y lo logran gracias al trabajo en...

Mundo Cristiano: Mayo 25, 2012

La iglesia Latinoamericana se esfuerza para que las próximas generaciones mantengan el Espiritu del Avivamiento. Triple asesinato en una...

Mundo Cristiano: Enero 6, 2012

Hoy veremos: Crisis en Europa hace que muchos busquen a Dios. Una madre Cristiana lucha por su vida. Un...

When Good Plans Go Bad

Carlos' and Dawn's plan for their dream house went terribly wrong.Then a bold decision brought them back their heart's desire.

In The Green Room with Stacy Hord

Go backstage with The 700 Club as we interview author Stacy Hord about her personal dating-after-divorce dos and don'ts.

Bring It On: Addictive Junk Food

Can junk food be as addictive as drugs? Are saunas healthy? Is it safe to take a double dose...

Long Life, Wine: A Connection?

Could there be a connection between long life and the ingredients in wine? Dr. David Sinclair from Harvard...

Millions of Americans Still Uninsured

America has some of the most technologically advanced medicine in the world. But at the same time -- millions...

Report: Seafood Benefits Outweigh Risks

Medical reports have assaulted the public about whether seafood is healthy or not for years. Tuesday the government tried...

China’s Taste for America

While Americans worry about the safety of Chinese products, in China, the ‘Made-in-USA’ label is enjoying widespread popularity.

Drug Addict Finds the 'Most High'

The very show that Guy Iannello hated became his daily dose of encouragement. See how he went from a...

The Tambourine Man Sings a New Song

You may know him as co-founder of The Byrds, but Roger McGuinn and his wife are also CBN Partners...

A Double Dose of Healing

Olia endured immense pain, but felt God's healing relief after praying with a 700 Club prayer counselor.

Drop the Inhaler, Diet May be the Key

There are more medications for asthma than ever before -- and they are more effective than ever. But there's...

My Son Was Healed

Operation Blessing came to Lima recently with more than two million doses of anti-parasite medicine for children like Jose Luis.

Use Every Endeavor to Heal Yourself

Doctor's told Casey Treat that there was only a four percent chance of clearing his disease. Then one physicians...

Eye Scans: A Window to the Body

Digital technology is allowing optometrists to use the eye as a window to the body.