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500 Miles, Two Best Friends, One Wheelchair

Two life-long friends experience a deeper meaning of friendship as one pushes another in a wheelchair through Spain's Camino...

Your Questions, Honest Answers: - October 2, 2017


CBN Global Update: October 2, 2017

Earthquakes have devastated Mexico in the last few weeks, and as a result, CBN is in Mexico providing aid...

CBN NewsWatch: October 2, 2017

On CBN Newswatch,Oct. 2nd: At least 50 people are dead and more than 100 hurt following a shooting at...

700 Club Canada: October 2, 2017

Watch the 700 Club Canada for October 2, 2017

700 Club Interactive - October 2, 2017

Jaci Velasquez has sold over five million albums and won 7 Dove Awards. The singer, writer, actress and fashion...

Christian World News - September 29, 2017

The Muslim country where Christianity is growing faster than anywhere else in the world. We give you exclusive access...

Jerusalem Dateline: 09/29/17 Kurds Vote for Independence, What’s Next?

Kurds vote for independence, observers ask ‘what’s next?’; plus ‘pay-for-slay’ Palestinian terrorist murders three Israelis, his widow likely gets...

Los Angeles Dodgers Connect Player's Faith With Fans

Players tell us why it's important for them to share with fans publicly and together, about the Christ that's...

CBN News Showcase - September 30, 2017

Veteran Aid Relief Worker Calls Puerto Rico Worst Disaster he’s ever seen. Plus, is there a double-standard when it...

The 700 Club - September 29, 2017

He’s shining a light in the land of the stars. Devon Franklin looks back at twenty years in Hollywood....

News on The 700 Club: September 29, 2017

As seen on “The 700 Club,”

Be Successful Without Losing Your Faith

DeVon Franklin, the CEO if Franklin Entertainment, shares how to chase secular ambitions with spiritual principles.

Dodger Clayton Kershaw Preparing for Excellence

The 3-time Cy Young Award recipient, 7-time all-star and league MVP talks about the impact of excellence professionally, spiritually...

Mundo Cristiano: Septiembre 29, 2017

Mundo Cristiano: Septiembre 29, 2017

CBN NewsWatch: September 29, 2017

On CBN Newswatch, Sept 29th: One week after a devastating category four hurricane ravaged Puerto Rico, desperate island residents...

700 Club Canada: September 29, 2017

Watch the 700 Club Canada for September 29, 2017

700 Club Interactive - September 29, 2017

A young boy sees a vision and hears a word from God; 20 years later, both miraculously come true.