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Superbook: "The Road to Damascus"

Watch a preview of "The Road to Damascus" -- the story of when Saul becomes Paul.

CBN NewsWatch: June 27, 2012

On Wednesday's CBN Newswatch: Americans fight flooding in the south and fires in the west, Exodus International shifts its...

The 700 Club - June 27, 2012

Christian artist Heather Williams shares the tragic story of her infant son's death in 2004. Plus, The false religion...

A Voice of Hope Series Promo

A relationships series on The 700 Club created by Kristi Watts giving people hope in a real and relevant...

Bring It On: God and Satan

If God created everything, then didn't He create Satan and sin? Why hasn't God chosen to defeat Satan? Is...

Pastor John Hagee

John Hagee, founder and national chairman of Christians United for Israel, discusses the new Muslim Brotherhood president in Egypt,...

News on The 700 Club: June 27, 2012

As seen on "The 700 Club" for June 27, the top headlines from CBN News include -- Brotherhood's Egypt...

700 Club Canada: June 27, 2012

Watch the 700 Club Canada for June 27, 2012.

700 Club Interactive: The Grad’s Guide to Finances - June 27, 2012

Financial expert Rachel Cruze shares some financial tips, offering advice to graduates on how they can survive after college.

News Channel Morning Edition: June 27, 2012

Watch the June 27 edition of the CBN News Channel's Morning News with Efrem Graham. Heat Fans Colo. Fire,...

John Ramirez: 'Out of the Devil's Cauldron'

The false religion Santeria defined John Ramirez, but after years of evil Jesus offered him a new identity.

Stakelbeck on Terror: Biological Terror Next Big Threat?

CBN News Terrorism Analyst Erick Stakelbeck examines the growing threat of biological terrorism on U.S. soil. Some of...

CBN NewsWatch: June 26, 2012

On Tuesday’s CBN Newswatch: The Obama administration vs. the Supreme Court, parents heated over a sunscreen ban, Sen. Orrin...

The Declaration of Independence, A Child's Perspective

The 700 Club gathered a special group of children to learn what they know about our nation's Declaration of Independence.

Trent Shelton: Football Star to Shining Star

Trent Shelton was a football star in high school and college, but when injury and setbacks stalled his NFL...

News on The 700 Club: June 26, 2012

As seen on "The 700 Club" for June 26, the top headlines from CBN News include -- FBI Rescues...

700 Club Canada: June 26, 2012

Watch the 700 Club Canada for June 26, 2012.

Bring It On: Co-Habitation

Since more people are co-rehabilitating together instead of getting married, what does God think about these long term commitments?...