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Herman the Shoemaker

Learn how a $40 gift changed Herman's life forever.

Does Your Job Bring You Satisfaction?

Karen loves to work because of what she’s able to accomplish. You can find greater meaning and satisfaction, too.

The Miracle Worker

When AIDS took both her parents, six-year-old Debra had to go to work. It wasn’t easy work. But...

Mending a Tattered Home

Xiomara took up sewing to help the family's income. But, when her baby had a lung infection, she could...

One Cubed - My World - Havilah

One Cubed - My World - Havilah

Jose's Vida Dura

Jose spent $80,000 on drugs. He tuned into the CBN Spanish program Vida Dura and prayed the salvation prayer....

Don't Stop Believing

The Murrells know what it’s like to receive God’s blessings when they are faithful with giving away 10 percent...

Bring It On: Angry at God

Pat Robertson answers your Bring It On questions: Are new age stores a pitfall? Can you anoint yourself with...

The Gangsta Days are Gone

As a teenager, Dtreetoon was infamous as the village gangster. One day, a rash led him to Operation Blessings's...

Pat Robertson: The Empowered Believer (Part 13)

Pat Robertson: The Empowered Believer (Part 13)

Abstinence Funding in Jeopardy

The future of abstinence education is in doubt because much of its funding could get cut by Congress.

When Baby Showers Outnumber Weddings

Americans have become less likely to marry, especially in the African American community. But one woman has set out...

Terrorists Training in Rural America?

Erick Stakelbeck goes to Red House, Virginia, to investigate a small town that could be brewing Islamic terrorism on...

Leslie Sansone: Being a Witness for Fitness

Time to get off the couch? Let's start walking with fitness trainer Leslie Sansone. She holds the Guinness Book...

Pat Robertson: The Empowered Believer (Part 12)

Pat Robertson: The Empowered Believer (Part 12)

David Meyer: 30 Days of Hope for Cambodia

As CEO of World Missions for his mother Joyce Meyer's ministry, David will tell of their month-long outreach in...

Wess Morgan: Look At Me Now

He's a singer and a preacher with a lovely wife and two beautiful children. However, Wess Morgan used to...

Pat Robertson: The Empowered Believer (Part 11)

Pat Robertson: The Empowered Believer (Part 11)