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Sex Ethics: Gay Lobby Tightens Grip on the U.K.

In Britain, you can make fun of Christians, you can even mock the Bible. You can say plenty of...

700 Club Interactive – March 9, 2011

Guest Paul Dhinakaran joins Gordon Robertson for powerful interactive ministry.

The 700 Club - March 9, 2011

A dark and troubled past had Laura Adams confused and desperate for answers and Michael W. Smith talks about...

News on The 700 Club: March 9, 2011

As seen on The 700 Club's nationally televised broadcast for Mar. 9, the top headlines from CBN News include...

Stakelbeck on Terror: March 8, 2011

On this week's edition of Stakelbeck on Terror: CBN News sits down for an exclusive interview with Florida congressman...

Spiritual Gifts Webcast: March 8, 2011

Dr. Paul Dhinakaran joins Craig von Buseck to pray for your needs in a night of worship and ministry...

CBN NewsWatch: March 8, 2011

On Tuesday's CBN Newswatch with Lee Webb: Conservative candidates make their case for a White House bid, NPR under...

Free Burma: 'Prayer is the Air We Breathe'

This Sunday, Christians around the world will be praying for the country of Burma. The military regime there has...

Bring It On: Soul and Spirit

Bring It On: Soul and Spirit

News Channel Morning Edition: March 8, 2011

Watch the Mar. 8 edition of CBN News Channel's Morning News with Efrem Graham and Heather Sells. Top Stories...

700 Club Interactive – March 8, 2011

Guest Matthew Barnett, founder of L.A. Dream Center, joins Gordon to discuss the pursuit of purpose in our lives.

Spiritual Gifts Webcast: March 7, 2011

Spiritual Gifts Webcast: March 7, 2011

Spiritual Gifts Webcast: March 1, 2011

Spiritual Gifts Webcast: March 1, 2011

Overcoming Challenges: Dennis R. Jones

With faith and determination, Dennis R. Jones has spent his life defeating obstacles. On today's 700 Club he explains...

CBN NewsWatch: March 7, 2011

On Monday's CBN Newswatch with Lee Webb and Wendy Griffith: A well-known pastor questions the afterlife, lawmakers examine the...

La mujer que prospera: Marzo 13, 2011 # 301.

La mujer que prospera: Marzo 13, 2011 # 301.

Eat healthy and turn back the hands of time

Stephen Perrine, Editor-at-Large, Men's Health Magazine, will discuss aging gracefully in your 20s, 30s, 40s & beyond. Author of...

News Channel Midday Edition: March 7, 2011

Watch the March 7 edition of CBN News Channel's Midday News with Lorie Johnson. Top Stories -- Congress...