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1974 Anniversary Part A

Starting our 14th year we share highlights from previous years.

Corrie Ten Boom Pt 2

Pat Robertson interviews Corrie Ten Boom on the 700 Club in the Portsmouth studios.

Corrie Ten Boom Pt 1

Pat Robertson interviews Corrie Ten Boom on the 700 Club in the Portsmouth studios.

Goerge H.W. Bush about Operation Blessing

Pat Robertson introduces Goerge H. W. Bush during Operation Blessing dedication.

700Club Interview with Brother Andrew

Pat Robertson's interview with Brother Andrew during The 700 Club (Portsmouth) in 1975

700Club Interview with John Warner

Pat Robertson's interview with John Warner during The 700 Club (Portsmouth)

Pat Robertson interviews Ronald Reagan

Pat Robertson's interview with Ronald Reagan in the Oval Office

CBN Global Update: February 13, 2012

CBN Thailand is helping flood victims get back to work by repairing their bikes and motorcycles that were damaged...

Jennifer Maggio : Secrets in the Dark

An abusive childhood with no mother to protect her left Jennifer hopeless, Could God redeem her broken life?

Dr. Ben Carson: America the Beautiful

The world-renowned neurosurgeon talks about his new book, America the Beautiful.

NASCAR Team "Races for Israel" at Daytona

One North Carolina racing team plans to race in NASCAR's Daytona 500 with a special mission -- to show...

The Bishop's Last Sermon

The Bishop's Last Sermon

Lifting the Poor Out of Poverty

More than a billion people in developing countries live on just over a dollar a day, but even the...

Christian World News: February 10, 2012

This week on Christian World News: the story of a Christian who fled North Korea for religious freedom, a...

Social Media Café: Newt Goes to the Moon

This election season has had its share of interesting campaign ideas. But the latest pitch by former House...

Kevin Dunn

Kevin Dunn heard God's calling to sing to people during their last moments. Find out what Kevin has...

Ex-Muslim Boy Clings to Faith Despite Beatings

Here's just one example of Christians in other countries who are attacked and sometimes even killed because of their...

Elizabeth Karmel: Cast Iron Cooking

Elizabeth Karmel: Cast Iron Cooking