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Cash-Strapped Church Avoids Closure by Giving Money Away

An economic downturn nearly forced Pastor Ron's church to close its doors. But the congregation prayed for a miracle,...

Texas Radio Tycoons Tested by Tough Economy

Joanna grew the daughter of prominent Texas radio broadcasters and eventually she got into the business. When the economic...

Bring It On-Line: Charities and Tithing

I have non-believers in my family, managing my trust fund as my mom set it up. If we are...

Bring It On: Titheing and Taxes

How does someone prepare for a financial world-wide downturn? Should we as Christians keep our giving secret and not...

Are You a Prisoner of Your Finances?

Larry and Melanie lived paycheck to paycheck. They felt like prisoners to money. Just when they thought they'd never...

Obama Economy Wrecking NASCAR?

Obama Economy Wrecking NASCAR?

Rick Warren: Bad Economic Times a Result of Sin

Rick Warren: Bad Economic Times a Result of Sin

Debt Crisis Leading World to Financial Brink

Debt Crisis Leading World to Financial Brink

Debt Crisis Leading World to Financial Brink

As governments worldwide face money trouble, economists and investors are watching and waiting -- hoping the world doesn't fall...

How To Thrive in an Economic Downturn

Girard had his best financial year ever – even in a bad economy! He tested a new way...

Jerry and Tammy Pietrini - God Grew Their Business

Before they turned a profit, they began tithing what little they made and they became CBN partners. Since they...

$60,000 In Debt to Completely Debt-Free

She's a single mom with two teens and a lot of bills. However, she learned how to tithe, and...

Investment Tips from King Solomon

CPA Robert Katz seeks to guide Americans through these shaky economic times by steering them to the Word of God.

Christians on Wall Street Praying, Hoping

Wall Street is in one of the most volatile economic downturns in U.S. history. The temptation to panic is...

Matt Redman: Behind a Heart of Worship

The worship leader performs live and talks about the inspiration behind “We Shall Not Be Shaken”.

Standing in the Gap for Hungry Americans

CBN partners and Operation Blessing are bringing help and hope to fellow Americans in Lebanon, TN. Watch their story.

Saving Victims of the Sex Trade

One business that hasn't been affected by the global economic downturn is the sex trade. George Thomas takes us...

Bring It On: Credit Rating and Fraud

How do you repair your credit ratings? Are downturns predictable?

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