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This Woman Has Walked 190,000 Miles For Water

This Woman Has Walked 190,000 Miles For Water

Defeating Daesh (ISIS) with Christ's Love in Greece

Defeating Daesh (ISIS) with Christ's Love in Greece

Sick From Foul-Smelling Water

When the only drinking water smells like dung, expect the worst. Eleven-year-old David carried water twice a day for...

The Flood Left Her Nothing...

Maria wept as she watched the floodwaters take her home and possessions. She had no place to live, and...

Fighting Snakes for Water!

When his father died, Enlin became the man of the family, caring for his sister and helping his mother....

Six-Mile Trek for a Drink of Water

A family in China had to walk six miles to get safe drinking water. One night they ran out...

CBN Encourages Churches to Bring Living Water to the World

Family of Cathedral of Praise partnered with CBN to bring water wells around the world for those who do...

Regional EPA Administrator Resigns Over Flint Water Crisis

A regional director with the Environmental Protection Agency is resigning amid the drinking water crisis in Flint, Michigan.

CBN News Minute - January 19 2016

CBN News Minute: Trump and Rubio blast President Obama's weakness on Iran... Residents in Flint sue over lead-tainted water......

Student faints from hunger

This shouldn’t be happening today! Nine-year-old Luis tried to suppress his hunger by drinking only water—12 glasses in one...

CBN Global Update: August 3, 2015

CBN partners are providing safe, clean drinking water to millions of people in India through the 8,000 wells they...

CBN Global Update: July 13, 2015

CBN’s Orphan’s Promise is helping provide clean drinking water to children in war-torn Ukraine.

Operation Blessing Delivering Strategic Relief to Nepal Earthquake Victims

Operation Blessing’s Safe Water Teams offer safe drinking water to the victims of Nepal’s earthquake.

New Danger for Quake Survivors

After losing nearly everything in Nepal’s earthquake, survivors now face a new danger—dirty water. See how you are making...

CBN Global Update: April 21, 2015

Clean drinking water is essential for good health. Thanks to CBN partners, an estimated 21,000 people in West Africa...

Politics of Drought: What's Choking California Dry?

Politics of Drought: What's Choking California Dry?

CBN Global Update: August 11, 2014

Thanks to you, CBN partners, people around the world now have clean drinking water!

Would You Drink Yellow Water?

Mirla’s family in Peru routinely drinks water from a polluted river near their home. It’s yellow and they try...

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