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Good Luck Charms Bring Harm

Good Luck Charms Bring Harm

Is there Life After a Broken Heart?

Is there Life After a Broken Heart?

News on The 700 Club: January 19, 2012

As seen on The 700 Club's nationally televised broadcast for Jan. 19, the top headlines from CBN News include...

Randy Meulman: How to Become a Real Man

He lost his job and his love due to his legalistic view of God. But in the pit, Randy...

A Drug Dealer Set Free

He was a drug dealer who battled a fierce addiction. But Barry Washington’s life changed when he accepted Christ.

Dan Stratton: The Wall Street Preacher

“The persecution I experienced at Yale was nothing compared to the battles I endured there in New York as...

Spared From Murder

Victoria lost all she held dear when she began her eight year addiction to crack cocaine. One night, in...

The Night God Played Tag

Jeremy Benson grew up knowing hard times and hopelessness. By the time he was 16, he was playing a...

Aining’s Heart

A brilliant 8th grader almost dropped out of school when heart condition began to severely affect her.

Mike Farris: Worship Therapy

This gospel blues singer was deep in the darkness of drugs. See how Mike Farris eventually saw the light.

Tamara Lowe: Motivational DNA

This former drug addict and eighth grade dropout will discuss her faith and the phenomenal success of the "Get...

Flower Seller Finds A Future

After his father died, Gopal sold flowers to help his family but was afraid he would have to drop...

Fading School Dreams

Hui temporarily dropped out of school to help on her parents’ farm but after a year they still couldn’t...

Stephen Easton: Hanging with the Wrong Crowd

Stephen sold and smoked marijuana, got in trouble with the law, and dropped out of school in the 10th...

Where to Go When Things Don’t Go Your Way

Solomon dropped out of school because his family could not afford it. With a prayer to God, Solomon held...

Last-Place Fla. Democrat Nudged to Bow Out Race?

Last-Place Fla. Democrat Nudged to Bow Out Race?

Plan Could Bring $12 Billion to Community Colleges

Plan Could Bring $12 Billion to Community Colleges