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News on The 700 Club: February 2, 2017

As seen on "The 700 Club," February 2: Going nuclear? White House prepares for battle on SCOTUS pick; Another...

“God, Have You Abandoned Me?”

He was deaf and couldn’t speak. At school, kids threw stones at him, stole his lunch and called him...

Kirk Cameron Wants to 'Save Christmas'... from Christians?

Kirk Cameron Wants to 'Save Christmas'... from Christians?

Holding on to Faith for a Miracle

Medically inexplicable seizures began to plague Doris for years, but she never lost faith in a God that heals.

Tenth Anniversary: Was the Iraq War a Mistake?

Tenth Anniversary: Was the Iraq War a Mistake?

Casting Crowns: The 'Lifesong' of Mark Hall

Mark Hall, lead singer of Casting Crowns, has gained a huge fanbase -- mainly because of the way he...

Georgia Prays for Rain, God May Answer

Hundreds of Georgians cried out to God for rain on the steps of the state Capitol, Tuesday -- and...

Colleges Not Making the Grade

CBN News speaks with retired Lieutenant General Josiah Bunting on the miseducation of today's college students.

Thor Ramsey: More Than a Comic

A high school friend told Thor that she had dreamed of him on The Tonight Show. He said, "If...

Budget Crunch? Big Tips for Spending Smart

Author Greg Karp says that if you want to start building weath, you have to face this truth: you...

Sherri Shepherd: Permission to Laugh

Through the peaks and valleys, The View co-host, author and comedy actresss has found her faith.

Author Exposes Technology's 'Dumbest Generation'

Author Exposes Technology's 'Dumbest Generation'