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Rand Paul Is Ready for a GOP Rumble

Senator Rand Paul talks to David Brody about getting ready to put on the boxing gloves during the GOP debates.

Vida Dura # 267

En Vida Dura, una joven escapa de su hogar en busca de una mejor vida y solo encuentra dolor...

CBN Global Update: June 8, 2015

CBN’s Spanish show, Vida Dura Live, is now broadcasting online to serve a growing community of viewers.

Family Vacation Ends in Emergency Surgery

During a family vacation to a theme park, 2-year-old Andrew complained of what seemed to be a simple stomachache....

Flood Waters Still Threaten Many in Texas

Texas authorities are warning residents to be cautious during their daily driving as many communities remain flooded from recent...

More than 1,000 Dead in India Heat Wave

People in India are doing whatever they can to stay cool as temperatures soar during a deadly heat wave.

U.S. Marine Returns from Vietnam on a New Mission

Tim grew up as a Christian, but he wandered through high school and college, eventually joining the Marines during...

Bodies Recovered at US Marine Copter Crash in Nepal

Nepal's army says that bodies of all eight people on board the U.S. Marine helicopter that disappeared this week...

700 Club Interactive: Expect Miracles – May 12, 2015

Pastor Kenneth Copeland reflects on the miracles he’s seen during his 45 years in the ministry.

African Migrants Crushed, Drowned During Rescue

A cargo ship in the Mediterranean Sea tried to rescue a group of African migrants early Monday.

Mom Blames Herself for Son’s Cleft Lip

Chinni’s mother was cutting vegetables during a lunar eclipse. That’s why her baby was born with a cleft lip,...

Deployed Again—for a Whole Year

Matt just got home when he found out he would be deployed again for 12 months. His wife Brie...

Vida Dura #423

En Vida Dura, Luis Martínez nos cuenta cómo una peligrosa ambición por el dinero, casi le cuesta la vida. También,...

Vida Dura #422

En Vida Dura. Wilson creció en las calles, luego de que su madre muriera y su padre lo abandonara...

Vida Dura #421

En Vida Dura. Carlos Artesana, de Lima, Perú, cuando chico fue un excelente deportista, pero terminó convertido en un...

Vida Dura #420

En Vida Dura. Roberto Abugatás, de Lima, Perú, nos cuenta como un famoso atleta y hombre de negocios, se...

Suicidal Ministry Leader Meets Angel in Asylum

She was a famous singer-songwriter. She worked along-side Billy Graham during the crusades. She was a 700 Club co-host....

700 Club Interactive: Visions of Christ – April 17. 2015

A critically injured cop sees a vision of Jesus during a shootout.