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Connecting Scripture with Science

Astrophysicist and author Hugh Ross, Ph.D. offers evidence that the earth is billions of years old, which he believes...

'90 Minutes in Heaven' Offers a Journey of Hope

Try to imagine going to heaven and then coming back to earth. It's impossible for most people to do,...

Christians Who Believe in Climate Change

Many conservative Christians don't agree that humans help cause climate change. They might be surprised to find, however, that...

Bring It On-Line: Existence in Heaven

I've heard that in Heaven we will have a new name and be like the angels. Will we recognize...

Bring It On-Line: Sexual Sin

Do sexual sins affect your body, and will they bring a distance between God and me? Will we lose...

Solar Storm Jolts Earth, No Damage Reported

A severe solar storm smacked the Earth with a surprisingly big geo-magnetic jolt Tuesday, but no damage has been reported.

700 Club Interactive: March Madness 2015 - March 17, 2015

Baylor’s Isaiah Austin was supposed to be a first round NBA draft pick – but shortly before his big...

Sharing Faith Beyond the Grave

Stephen Schimmel discovered a unique way of sharing the faith of his parents long after they departed earth.

The Shocking History of Porn!

There have been two earth-shattering events over the last few generations that have led to this culture of pornography.

Could Congress Bail out our ‘Nation of Criminals?’

With more laws being passed regulating and criminalizing virtually everything, America is now incarcerating more people than any other...

700 Club Interactive: To the Ends of the Earth - January 8, 2015

One lone man is bringing the gospel – to the place known as the “drug capital” of the world.

The 700 Club - January 1, 2015

A pregnant mother confronts a terrifying breast cancer diagnosis. Plus, a skydiver plummets to earth how he least expected…still...


Fans of J.R.R. Tolkein are trekking back to Middle Earth one more time as the latest film hits the...

Tolkien Truth: Giant Lessons from Little Hobbits

Tolkien Truth: Giant Lessons from Little Hobbits

Take a Trip Down the Most Dangerous Road on Earth

CBN Reporter Chuck Holton takes on the road once called “the most dangerous stretch of pavement on the planet.”

Bring It On-Line: Heaven Automatic?

I'm confused when Christians with cancer, for example, fight so hard to stay here on earth. I can't wait...

Film Shocker! Does the Universe Revolve Around Earth?

Film Shocker! Does the Universe Revolve Around Earth?

Bring It On-Line: Who Can Baptize?

I read that any Christian can baptize someone else because it's not about the person baptizing but about Christ....