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Secret Service Probes More Misconduct Claims

Secret Service Probes More Misconduct Claims

Ailing El Salvador Villagers Get Free Medical Care

Ailing El Salvador Villagers Get Free Medical Care

El Paso del Hombre

Para realizar su sueño de ser guardavida en las peligrosas playas de El Salvador, el joven Jesús Vásquez, no...





Mundo Cristiano: El 27 de agosto, 2010

Mundo Cristiano: El 27 de agosto, 2010

No Matter What – You Can Be Free

Jonathan was invincible, until he was sentenced to prison for 23 years. But thanks to you, his sentence became...


Inmates at an El Salvador Prison may be behind bars, but their voices are carrying the gospel message through...

Christian World News: May 14, 2010

On this week's Christian World News: Wrap up of the Afghan president's visit to Washington, the inspirational story of...

Carlito's New Shoes

He wore rubber boots that rubbed his feet raw and they got infected. An Operation Blessing doctor came to...

Healing Hands

A team of doctors from CBN's Operation Blessing in El Salvador has set up a hospital for quake victims...

Mexico's Harsh Treatment of Illegals

Illegal aliens inside Mexico, mostly from Guatemala and Honduras, are literally on the run.

The Danger of Untreated Strep

Strep throat can lead to heart damage and even death. Sandra's parents had no money for treatment, and the...

A Mystery Illness Strikes

Wendy was a smiling, active child until a mysterious illness took away her strength.

The Strength of a Mother's Love

Celia chose her children's needs over her own health. Even though very ill, she kept working, in the hope...

Love to the Rescue

Vanessa's mother and grandmother sold their tortilla business to pay off debt. When Vanessa became ill, there was no...

Christian World News: November 13, 2009

Watch the Friday, November 13 edition of Christian World News with Wendy Griffith. Top Stories - Should the U.S....

A Freewheeling Life

Ruth from El Salvador is a 12-year-old who couln't attend school because of her osteoporosis. Operation Blessing gave her...