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Holy Land Prayer Event for Empowering Next Generation

Holy Land Prayer Event for Empowering Next Generation

Texas Group to Launch 'Christian eBay' to Help Poor

Texas Group to Launch 'Christian eBay' to Help Poor

World Ready for a Second Pentecost Outpouring?

World Ready for a Second Pentecost Outpouring?


Could the world experience a second Pentecost? That's the hope of a global movement called "Empowered 21," and its...

Bill Wilson - Empowered 21

Bill Wilson - Empowered 21

Empowering Women for the Kingdom

Mother-daughter ministry team Serita & Sarah Jakes share about their outreach to women.


Perhaps no group is more thrilled at the fall of the Morsi government than Egypt's Christians. the spectre of...

The 700 Club - March 1, 2012

A devout Muslim from Saudi Arabia, Al Fadi was no match for the transforming love of Jesus Christ. Plus...

Dr. Jack Hayford: Spirit-Empowered Leadership

Dr. Hayford shares about the Converge21 conference at Regent University charting the future direction of the Spirit-empowered movement in...

Beyond the 'Court': Tennis Legend Shares Christ

As the world’s greatest tennis players compete at Wimbledon, a former Grand Slam winner reflects on her career and...

Iran Targeting Dissidents with Global Police

The Iranian government is using an international police agency to track down dissidents in other countries.

The 700 Club: April 30, 2010

Meet Otis Clark, the world's oldest living evangelist. Also, a man is in a coma for more than a...

Empowered 21 Attendees Pray for Spirit-Filled Awakening

Some Christian leaders believe a new Spirit-filled revival has already begun in the 21st century.

Ministry Helps Single Moms 'Survive N Thrive'

An Oklahoma-based ministry has been helping single moms thrive for six years and is on a mission to expand nationwide.

News Channel Morning Edition: March 26, 2010

Watch CBN News Morning with Efrem Graham. Top Stories: Congress Passes Health Care Finishing Touches, Pro-Lifers Empowered by Health...

Billy Wilson: Empowered 21

The Rev. Billy Wilson discusses the worldwide move of the Holy Spirit in 21st century.

Alice Smith: Breaking the Victim Mentality

Are you tired of being taken advantage of? Do you feel like life is a constant uphill battle? You...

The Philippines: Faith Amidst Corruption

Bishop Efraim Tendero is calling on the true Christians to change their communities.

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