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The 700 Club - March 11, 2013

A special week of programming begins as The 700 Club encourages you to set your 'Marriage on The Rock!'...

Marriage on the Rock: Honor (Part 2)

Relationship experts Philip and Holly Wagner encourage couples to honor each other in the little things as they offer...

Marriage on the Rock: Dreams

Relationship experts Philip and Holly Wagner remind couples to dream together again. Turn-your-marriage-around-tip: Encourage the dreams in each other.

Marriage on the Rock: Needs

Relationship experts Philip and Holly Wagner share how the one thing everyone needs is encouragement. Be your spouse's biggest encourager!

A Saints' 'Recovery of A Lifetime'

Mike and Chris Reis are a dynamic father and son speaking team whose mission is to encourage others to...

A Look Back at the Big Game

CBN Sports brings words of encouragement from the athletes of Super Bowl XLVII.

This Week at CBN: The 2012 Presidential Election

Gordon Robertson encourages believer's whose faith has been shaken by the results of the 2012 Presidential election.

This Week at CBN: Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem

From the Holy Land Gordon Robertson highlights the contributions that Israel is making in our world and he encourages...

This Week at CBN: Be Fishers of Men

From the shores of the Sea of Galilee, Gordon Robertson encourages Christians to embrace Jesus's call to be fishers...

Joni: 'Cancer Only Wins If I Don't Cherish Christ'

The average American woman has about a one-in-eight chance of developing breast cancer. That's why cancer survivor Joni Eareckson...

700 Club Interactive: Blaming Eve - October 22, 2012

Author Susan Foth Aughtmon encourages women to find freedom from perfectionism, manipulation and gullibility in her new book "I...

CBN NewsWatch: October 19, 2012

On CBN Newswatch, Oct. 19: U.S. Senator says White House reaction to the Libya attack is 'bizarre'; Mideast conflict...

Christian World News: October 19, 2012

On Christian World News, Oct. 19: Philippines, Muslim rebels hope for lasting peace with new deal; Indonesian Christian makes...

This Week at CBN: Believe in the Lord Your God

Gordon Robertson goes to the Old Testament to encourage believers to trust in God Almighty when life is at...

News on The 700 Club: October 19, 2012

As seen on "The 700 Club" Oct. 19: Texas cheerleaders score victory for Bible banners; Billy Graham ad encourages...

Billy Graham Ad Encourages Voting Biblical Values

Billy Graham Ad Encourages Voting Biblical Values

This Week at CBN: Avoid Corruption and Embrace Hope

Gordon Robertson encourages believers to bask in the hope of the Resurrection and fight against corruption in our hearts.

7 Days Ablaze Chapel Service: September 19, 2012

William J Federer joins the CBN staff and Regent University for CBN's Week of Prayer with an encouragement to...