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Bring It On-Line: Feeling God's Presence

My married daughter is having an adulterous affair-and so is her husband!. I try to help her out but...

Live Your Best Life!

Gospel recording artist and half of singing sensation, ‘Mary Mary,’ Tina Campbell shares encouraging words on how to get...

Unafraid of ISIS, Iraqi Girl's Faith Beyond Viral

ISIS has brutalized, raped, and murdered thousands. But the unshakeable faith of young Maryam Behnam, who had to flee...

700 Club Interactive: Friendship & Encouragement – July 9, 2015

How important are friends in your life? You’d be surprised to find out!

Friendship and Encouragement

Gordon ministers on friendship, community and the power of agreeing in prayer.

The Importance of Friendship & Community

CBN producers took to the streets to find out what people think about friendship and community.

Bring It On-Line: Second Coming

I am a born-again believer who is becoming more & more distressed about my husband's lack of self-control over...

My CBN App – 30 sec

Find encouragement, a prayer community, inspiring videos and more on the My CBN App.

Rise Up

Gordon teaches on the making the praises and works of God known to the coming generations.

Bring It On-Line: Home Communion

I have recently read a book that encourages you to take Holy Communion by yourself in your own home....

How to Be Happy With What You Have

When Mark was unemployed, he and his wife Kym worried about providing for their family of 10. Despite their...

Former 700 Club co-host Sheila Walsh

Best-selling author Sheila Walsh shares her personal journey from severe clinical depression to freedom, and her mission to encourage...

Sheila Walsh Escapes the Darkness of Depression

Former 700 Club co-host and best-selling author Sheila Walsh shares her personal journey from severe clinical depression to freedom,...


Pope Francis visited the Philippines, Asia’s only Christian nation. While he spoke a message of encouragement, some of his...

New Action Brought Three Promotions in Three Years

With a strained budget, George and Angie found it really hard to provide for their family. For four months...


One man hopes to bring racial reconciliation to America by encouraging Christians to literally lift their voices on high.


Cuba’s churches are encouraged by the new relationship between the U.S. and their country, but while they hope for...

Seven Days Ablaze: Rich Wilkerson

Pastor Rich Wilkerson believes in the power of prayer. Hear how he encouraged CBN and Regent staff to tap...