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700 Club Interactive -February 23, 2017

Studio 5’s Efrem Graham talks about this week’s top five stories from the world of faith and entertainment.

700 Club Interactive - February 9, 2017

Efrem Graham’s top 5 faith-based entertainment stories of the week.

The 700 Club - February 8, 2017

He’s the most famous doc in daytime talk. Doctor Oz has a prescription for the body and soul. Plus,...

Fairfield Four - “Last Month of the Year"

Christian signing group The Fairfield Four performs their Christmas song, “Last Month of the Year"

Bring It On-Line: Entertainment - November 10, 2016

Is it okay for a minister to go out for entertainment that is secular but clean? What five books...

Studio 5: Entertaining Royalty

Studio 5 sits down with the queen of gospel music, the star of the film Queen of Katwe, and...

VidAngel Fights Disney in Court for Right to Exist

VidAngel Fights Disney in Court for Right to Exist

Un Vistazo Detrás de las Cámaras de la película Ben-Hur

El Pastor Samuel Rodríguez nos presenta un segmento exclusivo detrás de las cámaras en la nueva película de los...

Ben-Hur: A Tale of Forgiveness is excited to share this exclusive video with you from Paramount Pictures' remake of Ben-Hur, starring Jack Huston,...

The 700 Club - August 5, 2016

The homecoming queen what tried to be the kicker on the LSU football team, Mo Isom shares her story....

Kim Walker-Smith: The Genesis of Jesus Culture

Kim Walker-Smith shares the genesis of Jesus Culture and how this once youth group worship team became a global...

Finding A New Identity After Leaving the Adult Entertainment Industry

Tammie knew she was meant for more, but couldn't rise above the shame of drugs, "stripping", and failure.

'Bobby Jones Gospel' Takes Final Bow After 35-year Run

'Bobby Jones Gospel' Takes Final Bow After 35-year Run

Lauren Daigle: Trusting God in the Midst of Grief

The "Trust In You" songstress gets personal and shares how she was able to keep the faith after the...

Matthew West: The Incredible Real-Life Story behind

Four-time GRAMMY nominee Matthew West shares the God-orchestrated story behind meeting Rob, the drug addict who inspired his radio...