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What If Your Child Couldn’t Get Enough of the Bible?

Luis Felipe is a Superbook fanatic. He totally gets it! Let him tell you why he’s so excited—and why...


St. Augustine said, "Enthusiasm in one man ignites the same fire in another." Recently one young Christian decided to...

News Channel Morning Edition: October 18, 2010

Watch the Oct. 18 edition of CBN News Channel's Morning News with Charlene Israel. Top Stories -- Big Difference...

Fiesta Spirit Moving the American Church

New research shows Latinos are joining evangelical and Pentecostal churches at such a brisk rate that they're shaking up...

'Voice Of Hope' Founder Passes Away

George Otis, Sr., who pioneered television in the Middle East and influenced Christians around the world, passed away last...

The Big Tent Revival Church

Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa started out in the 1960s as a church who welcomed hippies. Now, it's opening up...

Are Amniotic Stem Cells the Answer?

Amniotic fluid stem cells may eventually offer promising treatments without the ethical downside. No embryos are destroyed.

Afghanistan Kids Rediscover Laughter

In a corner of the Afghan capital, there's an effort to reach one of the most vulnerable groups in...

Tim Keller: Counterfeit Gods

Power, sex, money... They are modern-day idols in our culture. Author and pastor Tim Keller explains how to avoid...

John and Carol Arnott: Soaking in the Spirit

Pastors of the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship discuss their church and the practice of soaking prayer.

Michael O'Brien: Overcoming a Shameful Past

Michael O'Brien, the former frontman for NewSong, had a dark secret: an addiction to porn.

Mike Krieg: Ex-Millionaire Finds True Riches

Mike Krieg was a self-made millionaire who lived for money. Then he was involved in a terrible automobile...

Tea Party Express Tour Boosts Voter Enthusiasm

Tea Party Express Tour Boosts Voter Enthusiasm

Can the Tea Party Pull Off a November Upset?

Can the Tea Party Pull Off a November Upset?

Dems, GOP Battle for Midterm Voter Enthusiasm

Dems, GOP Battle for Midterm Voter Enthusiasm