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Children Share the Christmas Story

Kids read the story of Jesus Christ’s birth.

The Real Story of the First Thanksgiving - Where It Happened May Surprise You

The Real Story of the First Thanksgiving - Where It Happened May Surprise You

Healed Landscaper Pursues His Passion

After 20 years of chronic shoulder pain, Tom's pain is instantly taken away.

Woman's Relationship with Spirit Guides Turns Sour

After years of studying meditation and communicating with spirits, the demonic forces in Jessica's life fought back when she...

Leaving Behind a Love That Hurts

A knock at the door interrupted Lakeisha's boyfriend as he prepared to kill her and himself. After years of...

500 Miles, Two Best Friends, One Wheelchair

Two life-long friends experience a deeper meaning of friendship as one pushes another in a wheelchair through Spain's Camino...

Former Addict: "I See Myself as a Miracle"

Abused at a young age, Lisa used drugs, alcohol and sex to mask the shame and guilt. She spiraled...

Diagnosed with Cancer at 32 Weeks Pregnant

Ashley’s only chance of surviving cancer was surgery—but surgery came at the price of delivering her son prematurely. Faced...

Meeting the Miraculous at Death's Door

Tea with her sisters turned into a fight for life when a brain bleed landed Vanessa in the hospital....

“This is the first food I’ve found since the storm.”

Hurricane Harvey smashed the Texas coast leaving thousands homeless, stunned and hungry. Timing was critical for first responders, and...

Pain Brings Active Lifestyle to a Halt

Years after her knee replacement, Faye began experiencing debilitating hip pain. Doctors couldn't find anything wrong, but she longed...

Crazed Gunman Attempts to Murder Pastor

A gunman tries to murder a pastor after accusing him of being the head of an alien conspiracy.

Turning Talent Into Ministry

Jared discovered his gift for art in 7th grade, and years later, his talent has become his ministry.

Dropping Truth On a Life Defined by Lies

Alone, angry, and hurt by his step-father's constant insults, Dermon felt like God wasn't there. He turned to drugs...

Celebrating Independence According to John Adams

In 1776, John Adams wrote a letter to his wife detailing how he thought Independence Day should be celebrated....

Baseball Youth Loses Arm in Freak Accident

When a 12-year-old baseball player loses his arm in an accident, it's a race against the clock to reattach it.