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CBN NewsWatch: November 6, 2015

On CBN Newswatch, Nov.6: Russian crash: ISIS involvement carries alarming implications; Millions lost to failed Obamacare co-ops unrecoverable;...

Digital Amnesia? This is Your Brain on Technology

Digital Devices keep us connected, but they could also be giving us amnesia -- digital amnesia that is.

Facebook Pic of Praying HS Football Players Causes Stir

A Facebook photo of North Dakota high school football players praying on field is creating a controversy.

Super Bowl Champ Benjamin Watson’s Racially Charged Facebook Post

Super Bowl champ and New Orleans Saints tight end Benjamin Watson caught everyone off-guard when he posted his opinion...

PA Incitement: 'It's Bin Laden Meets Zuckerberg'

Authorities arrested a prominent Hamas leader overnight, accusing him of inciting Palestinians to terrorism and "fomenting violence." Israel's prime...

Perfect Stranger: How Social Media Led to Her Daughter's Death

She didn't know who her daughter was talking to online. Now, Jennifer Sellers is warning others of the dangers...

700 Club Interactive: Steps to Recovery - September 3, 2015

A heroin addict burns every bridge in his life – until he “friends” his brother on Facebook.

Major Glitches Highlight Dependence on Technology

Officials say there's no evidence of foul play in Wednesday's technological glitches at the New York Stock Exchange and...

Social Media MOTS

7Ci asks people at the Virginia Beach oceanfront how much time they spend on social media and how has...

Super-Charged Healing: Ramping Up the Breath of Life

Our bodies use oxygen in a number of ways, including healing. Today, doctors can ramp up healing for the...

¿Cual negocio debo emprender? con Javier Angulo Cardinale

Javier Angulo Cardinale, Director de Finanzas con Propósito, responde preguntas de nuestra audiencia formuladas a través de nuestra página...

Recant or Else: Saeed Faces New Psychological Torture

Iranian prison guards holding American Pastor Saeed Abedini have reportedly given him a warning: deny Jesus Christ and return...

ISIS Hackers Strike French Media Group

A television network in France has been hacked by a group claiming ties to the Islamic State.

The 700 Club - February 20, 2015

Dr. Bill Hamon will discuss hidden sin among ministers in the church. Plus, the NFL’s Ben Watson surprised everyone...

Bring It On-Line: In-vitro Fertilization

In your opinion, is it a sin for a woman to have a baby via in-vitro fertilization? I run...

Family Uses Facebook to Donate Unused Embryos

Family Uses Facebook to Donate Unused Embryos

Growing Evidence Shows Westerners Joining Jihad

Growing Evidence Shows Westerners Joining Jihad

Te enseñamos cómo ahorrar.

Javier Angulo Cardinale, Director de Cultura Financiera, responde preguntas de nuestra audiencia, formuladas a través de nuestra página web...