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Rejected As A Child, Woman Finds Love After Leap of Faith

Angela’s parents shunned her as a child, leaving her confused as to what it was to love and be...

Sidelined Wrestler Finds Instant Injury Cure

For six months after sustaining a head injury, Patrick was plagued by chronic headaches. Doctors didn’t have a solution...

The 700 Club - August 4, 2016

Award-winning author Denise Hunter opens the pages on her book, “The Convenient Groom.” Plus, one couple’s heartbreak over their...

Weaving Faith Into Fiction

Romance author Denise Hunter shares why her novels touch hearts and lives.

Man With No Limbs Climbs Tallest Mountain in Africa

Kyle Maynard is a man with no limits. Born with a rare condition, see how he conquers the impossible...

Gospel Legend Shirley Caesar: 'God's Given Me a New Turn Around'

Gospel Legend Shirley Caesar: 'God's Given Me a New Turn Around'

Jailhouse Religion: How this Ex-Prostitute Turned Death Row to 'Life Row'

Jailhouse Religion: How this Ex-Prostitute Turned Death Row to 'Life Row'

Curtis Granderson: Anchored at the Plate

New York Mets outfielder explains how his faith anchors his play at the plate and in the outfield even...

The Wild Brothers: Adventures In Creation

Four young missionary brothers describe life with a Southeast Asian tribal group.

700 Club Interactive - Faith First - July 28, 2016

A house goes up in flames with a family trapped inside. See how they all miraculously survive.

Changing a Community From Their Front Porch

Thom was searching inn-city Nashville for a home he could flip. But when he began to meet the residence,...

A Surgery-Free Answer to Neck Pain

A car accident results in lingering neck pain for Brenda. She fears surgery may be the only answer, but...

Thrill Ride Leaves Woman With Painful Souvenir

Bren's experience with a roller coaster seemed fine at first, but then left her with debilitating pain in her...

Lauren Daigle: Trusting God in the Midst of Grief

The "Trust In You" songstress gets personal and shares how she was able to keep the faith after the...

700 Club Interactive - Faith of Family and Friends - July 18, 2016

Two children almost bled to death on the side of a road, see how they miraculously survived.

Christian World News - July 15, 2016

This week on Christian World News: As Christianity fades across Europe, one tiny nation is experiencing a resurgence of...

Pastor Bent Anderson Teaches on Healing

Can you see miracles in your family, in your church, in your daily life? Yes you can....

CBN News Minute - July 13, 2016

YOUR DAILY NEWS in a FLASH: Donald Trump’s two top picks for Veep… Honoring the fallen police officers...