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Labor Day Prayer 2016

Staff, family, and friends of CBN and Regent University gather on Labor Day to pray and seek the Lord's...

El verdadero precio del sueño americano

Una familia alcanza el sueño americano pero su matrimonio se desmorona.

Muyiwa Upside-down: British Singer and Host of Turing Point International

British Singer and Host of Turing Point International, Muyiwa, Transparently shares his story and the reason why he sales hope!

Jonathan Nelson : Being fearless for Destiny

700 Club Interactive sits with Multiple Stellar Award winner, Jonathan Nelson. Listen to Jonathan’s nuggets as he talks about...

Jonathan Nelson : Fearless

Multiple Stellar Award winner and Dove Award-nominated artist, Jonathan Nelson talks about humble beginnings and the importance of being fearless!

Lemonade Stands Help Orphans Around The World

Kids wanted to help orphans with lemonade stand but didn’t earn much. They decided to challenge other kids across...

700 Club Interactive - August 24, 2016

Rejected by her family, Angela searched for acceptance but never found it in church and relationships. Then, on 9-11...

The 700 Club - August 22, 2016

He can’t remember the start of his own NFL career. Super Bowl champion Ben Utecht pens a love letter...

Bring It On-Line: Changing in the Late Game - August 19, 2016

How do I start living a life that matters this late in the game? My family and I are...

Mundo Cristiano: Agosto 19, 2016

En Guatemala lideres Cristianos y funcionarios de gobierno celebraron el 3rd desayuno nacional de oración. Miles de Colombianos marcharon...

Homeless Shelters New Front in Battle over Transgender Rights

Homeless Shelters New Front in Battle over Transgender Rights

Married Couple Lives as Roommates

The first year of Kim and LeRoy's marriage drove a wedge between them. They refused divorce, so lived for...

To Live and Love Like Jesus

Pastor and author Shawn Thornton shares about his childhood, and how it was anything but normal.

These Parents Are Ready For Summer To Be Over!

Spoof music video of parents excited to send their kids back to school.

Family Condemns Violence as Protests Continue over Wis. Police Shooting

Family Condemns Violence as Protests Continue over Wis. Police Shooting

Bring It On-Line: What can I do? - August 12, 2016

Dear Pat, I work for a small, privately owned, family business. I didn't realize I was getting involved in...

CBN NewsWatch: August 11, 2016

On CBN Newswatch, August 11: Trump: Emails expose Clinton's 'pay-to-play' style of governing; Family flees 'German dictatorship,' seeks asylum...

Forced to Be The Family Servant

After Vivinah's parent's died, she was taken in by her uncle who made her the family servant. When community...