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“Please Save My Baby!”

Unable to afford surgery, a Chinese mother cries out for help. CBN partners answer with an outpouring of compassion.

What Can Two Feet of Rain in 24 Hours Do?

A Florida family discovers God’s love in the flooded ruins of their home.

Kenyan Widow Gives Thanks

Maasai women gratefully receive the tools for a better life: clean water, a vegetable garden, and a new school...

Toxic, Ugly Fish... Beware!

Luz and her four children live in a shack by a river in Peru. The water is polluted and...

Have You Fainted From Hunger?

Nurzada gave most of the available food to her children. But still, without enough food, her daughter often fainted...


About 75 tornadoes tore through the southern United States two weeks ago. Louisville, Mississippi was one of the hardest...

9-11 Memorial Museum

Survivor's and families of the victims of the 9-11 attacks on New York city observed a day of remembrance...

'Million Dollar Arm,' 'Godzilla,' Family Friendly?

'Million Dollar Arm,' 'Godzilla,' Family Friendly?

A Big Sister’s Gift of Love

How CBN partners transformed a baby’s life—and her big sister’s too.

Easing the Burden of Military Families

Our military heroes and their families sacrifice so much for our freedom. Find out how CBN partners are...

Boy Falls Into Dangerous Open Well

It was Samnang’s job to draw water for his family, but the village well was both dirty—filled with frogs,...

Ticking Time bomb—A Home With Bad Wiring

Leo and his grandfather, Raul, lost everything when their house caught fire from bad wiring. See how CBN...

Selling Everything to Pay the Witchdoctors

Savita and her husband had to sell their livestock after sickness struck their family. Discover how they found Jesus,...

Girl Stands Strong after Boko Haram Killed Her Family

Girl Stands Strong after Boko Haram Killed Her Family

CBN NewsWatch: May 15, 2014

On CBN Newswatch, May 15: Banned earmarks still costing billions, Families, survivors mark opening of 9/11 museum, and Girl...

Girl Stands Strong after Boko Haram Killed Her Family

Girl Stands Strong after Boko Haram Killed Her Family

Bring It On-Line: Common Law Marriage

Is it wrong to have sex with my partner with whom I've been living for 4 years? How should...

News on The 700 Club: May 15, 2014

As seen on "The 700 Club," May 15: Families, survivors mark opening of 9/11 Museum; Thousands flee as wildfires...