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Suicidal Ministry Leader Meets Angel in Asylum

She was a famous singer-songwriter. She worked along-side Billy Graham during the crusades. She was a 700 Club co-host....

Ice Hockey’s Jarome Iginla On the Fast Track to Hall of Fame

An elite offensive machine on the ice, 18-year NHL veteran Jarome Iginla is the model of consistency and professionalism,...

The 700 Club - March 12, 2015

Keith Thibodeaux spent his early years on “I Love Lucy” playing Little Ricky, and he never dreamed his life...

WWE’s “Heartbreak Kid” Wrestled for His Life

Former professional wrestler Shawn Michaels’ career as “The Heartbreak Kid” was rising fast in the WWE as he became...


Washington, D.C., is famous for its museums with many dedicated to art and history. Soon, a new museum will...

700 Club Interactive: King David - Nov. 17, 2014

What was King David really like? Find out what you may not know about the famous King of Israel.

Crapitalism: How Liberals Are Getting Rich Off You

From well-known politicians and members of Congress to famous filmmakers and entertainers, author Jason Mattera pulls back the curtain...


Over the past 20 years, CWN has shown you lots of stories about famous people, but what we love...

Film 'Get on Up!' Reveals James Brown's Gospel Roots

Film 'Get on Up!' Reveals James Brown's Gospel Roots

700 Club Interactive: Fifteen Minutes of Fame - July 7, 2014

What would you do for your fifteen minutes of fame?

Egypt's Most Famous Christian Convert Gets Jail Time

Egypt's Most Famous Christian Convert Gets Jail Time

Albert Acevedo, Selección Chile.

Albert Acevedo es un destacado jugador del equipo de Universidad de Chile, que ha participado en varias oportunidades en...

Sacred Journey: Taking God to the Golf Course

Christian golfers at this year's Master's tournament in Augusta, Ga., are seeking ways to make the home of the...

Famous Ex-Vietnam POW Jeremiah Denton Dies

Famous Ex-Vietnam POW Jeremiah Denton Dies

CBN News Today : March 31, 2014

On CBN News Today, March 31: Obamacare roll-out becomes fodder for comedians, Famed POW Jeremiah Denton dead at...

CBN NewsWatch: March 10, 2014

ON CBN Newswatch, March 10: Conservatives blast president, Congress at CPAC, 'Goblin' gains fame as Ukraine protests turn violent,...

Nos visita el actor Robert Amaya de "Poder Ilimitado"

Hoy nos visita el actor hispano Robert Amaya, protagonista de la cinta Poder Ilimitado para compartir detalles sobre sus...

When Your Lavish Lifestyle Leads You Astray

Evan was chasing his fashion model dream in NYC, but the lifestyle was causing him to compromise his faith.