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Omega-6 or 3? The Skinny on Fats – What's Healthy, What's Not

Omega-6 or 3? The Skinny on Fats – What's Healthy, What's Not

Professional Chefs Head to Louisiana to Bless Flood Victims

Beginning Tuesday, a team of chefs will prepare restaurant-quality meals for victims, volunteers, and first responders in Monroe, Louisiana.

Christian World News - February 19, 2016

At a time in American history when five slaves weren't allowed to gather together one black pioneer preached to...

'Je Suis Nazareth' - Support Pours in for Ohio Deli after Machette Attack

The FBI is investigating what may be a lone wolf terror attack at an Israeli restaurant in Columbus, Ohio....

A 'aste of Waldorf' in the Holy Land

Jerusalem is in the news again, but this time for a delicious reason.

Politically Incorrect Restaurant Celebrates Christmas

A restaurant chain in Texas is warning customers that their eatery is "politically incorrect."

Firebombing of Cairo Nightclub Kills 16

Patrons of a nightclub in Cairo were targeted Friday when attackers threw firebombs at the restaurant, killing at least...

Salt Warning Labels Required in NYC Restaurants

New York City began a new era of nutritional warnings Tuesday. Chain restaurants will have to start putting a...

Chick-fil-A America's Favorite Fast Food Chain

Chick-fil-A is way ahead of all other fast food restaurants for customer satisfaction, a new survey from the American...

Kids Cutting Back on the Happy Meals

Kids may finally be eating a little better, according to a new study that shows the number of kids...

¡Tijuana es la madre de la Ensalada César!

Aunque usted no lo crea, la Ensalada César nació en un restaurant de Tijuna, México! Le explicamos cada detalle...

Ten Is Too Young to Die

The diagnosis was cancer, but desperately needed chemotherapy was far beyond the poor parents’ reach, even after doubling the...

What's the Opposite of Brain Food? Trans Fats

What's the Opposite of Brain Food? Trans Fats

Easy Fast Food Access Hikes Obesity, Diabetes Risk

Easy Fast Food Access Hikes Obesity, Diabetes Risk

Boulevard Lavoud, un rincón francés en Chile

Le invitamos a conocer la historia de un lugar emblemático de Santiago de Chile: La Peluquería Francesa. Con mas...

Chick-Fil-A Founder S. Truett Cathy appears on The 700 Club

In this classic 700 Club clip, Chick-Fil-A founder S. Truett Cathy sits down with Pat Robertson to talk about...

Cómo preparar las deliciosas carnitas!

Hoy, Guillermo Huesca y Karla Montaño, del restaurant Luna Maya, nos visitan para enseñarnos a preparar una popular receta...

The Ministry of Kings Kitchen

In Charlotte, NC Jim Nobel has created a restaurant where he employs the homeless and integrates the Bible as...