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Truth Doesn’t Have a Side

Dr. Bennet Omalu discusses his groundbreaking research connecting the dangers of concussions and the world of sports.

Protecting Kids from the Dangers of Concussions

Dr. Bennet Omalu's groundbreaking research revealed the devastating effects of brain injuries in athletes. Now, he discusses how to...

The "Good Child" Hits the Party Scene?

Kammy thought she would find love and acceptance through partying, but soon found herself with no one to turn to.

Model Student Overcomes Pornography Addiction

Jessica made sure her life looked perfect on the outside, but deep down she knew she needed help to...

Homosexual Son Finds Acceptance in an Unexpected Place

After a boy's perfect life is shattered by divorce, he turns to drugs and homosexuality. When he learned he...

Heartbroken Woman Turns to God for New Beginning

The loss of her high-paying career, her marriage and her father pushed Martha to a point of desperation where...

Pursue the Dreams God Gave You

Pastor and author Luke Barnett talks about chasing our God-sized dreams and visions.

Doubting Woman Surprised by Miraculous Intervention

A form of Muscular Dystrophy hindered Elizabeth's mobility for 30 years. She prayed for healing, but after so long,...

Pursue Your God-Sized Dreams

Author Luke Barnett shares how we can find direction in our lives.

Weakened by Infection, Strengthened through Prayer

A serious bronchial infection left Carole with terrible pain in her back. This, coupled with the death of her...

Why Zion Needs Friends

Founder Mike Evans discusses the Friends of Zion Heritage Center he started 2 years ago in Jerusalem.

The Importance of Supporting Jewish People Around the World

The founder of Friends of Zion, Mike Evans, discusses the second phase of the Friends of Zion Heritage Center...

Wounded Soldier to Inspirational Conquerer

Carlos Evans was a husband, a father, and a Marine when he began his fourth combat deployment. While on...

Desperate to Escape Chronic Headaches

Doctors couldn't offer a fix to the neck pain that plagued Sarah for 20 years. The pain began to...

Man Loses Everything, Gets More Back

Stewart was confused when God didn't fix his parents' divorce, and began relying on himself for a good life....

Discovering the Lost Art of Empathy

Author Tracy Wilde brings a fresh and honest message that helps break down walls of insecurity, and encourages people...

Urging Women to Answer a New Call

The founder of TheCall, Lou Engle, discusses Rise Up, an event for women to model true femininity and empowerment...

Connecting With Others in a Disconnected World

Author Tracy Wilde discusses how empathy can shine God's light in people's lives.