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$30,000 in Debt and Out of Work

When Shavon had to quit her high-paying job due to health reasons, she and her husband Mike soon found...

An App That Points Kids to Jesus

Laney downloaded the Superbook App and learned the Bible, impressing her 80-year-old neighbor. How could this 10-year-old absorb so...

A Trusted Solution When Your Finances Crash

Mike and Lee's business lost a lot of income in a short amount of time. With debt and bills...

Former Pro Wrestler Makes Feature Film Debut

WWE Hall of Famer, Shawn Michaels, discusses playing a church volunteer in the new movie, The Resurrection of Gavin Stone.

Improve Your Marriage in Five Days!

NYT Best-Selling author and psychologist Dr. Kevin Leman discusses keys to a healthy marriage and how to improve it...

Chasing Slow

Author and blogger Erin Loechner discusses the value of slowing down, and how it allowed her family time to...

Hurting Himself to Hurt God

After Yannik lost both parents to AIDS, resentment and anger pushed him into drug addiction and gun trafficking. He...

College Football Legend Bobby Bowden Reflects on Storied Career

Coach Bowden encourages a 4th quarter perspective to live and finish life with eternity as the trophied reward.

Kristi Watts Talks True Happiness

Former 700 Club co-host and author Kristi Watts opens up about her faith and finding “true” happiness.

Through the Eyes of Hope

A mother shares the joys and struggles of raising her son born with a rare birth defect.

Talk Yourself Happy

Former 700 Club Co-host Kristi Watts chase with Terry Meeuwsen about her new book, “Talk Yourself Happy."

Seeing Through the Eyes of Hope

In her book, Through the Eyes of Hope, Lacey Buchanan tells the story of how her family's lives took...

Satanist Finds Peace After Lifetime of Fear

Initiated into a Satanic cult as a young girl, Patricia spent her entire life fighting to free herself from...

Becoming the Father He Never Had

After his parents divorced, Randy grew up without his father's approval. He fostered an addiction to drugs, and after...

Olympic High Jumper Settles In for Golden Career

18 year-old Vashti Cunningham is the youngest U.S. Olympic High Jumper since 1980. The recent high school graduate won...

Party Girl Finds Freedom In Love

Shaerica always felt like an outsider, until she found acceptance in the party scene. But living without boundaries took...

Back Pain Prevents Retirement Man Hoped For

After more than 20 years of delivering furniture, Carl was left with unbearable back pain. With only temporary reliefs,...

CBN New Years Day Chapel 2017

CBN rings in 2017 with a special gathering with Dr. Pat Robertson.