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Bring It On: Hearing God

With all the birds dying, is this a sign? Why can't I hear God? Has God created life on...

Dr. Barry Sears on The Zone Diet

The author of the Zone Diet says a lack of hormonal balance makes us and keeps us fat.

Esther Lohrke: Hope at the End of The Line

Jumping off of a bridge into speeding traffic was the only way Esther Lohrke thought she could escape her marriage.

Muslim Halal Food Sales Supporting Terrorism?

CBN News has discovered that some of the money made from Muslim halal food sales is funneled to fund...

Bring It On: Halal

Is it wise for Christians to invest in the stock market? What is Halal meat?

Eric Alexander: The Summit

He is a mountaineer who led the first blind man up the world's highest mountain.

Bring It On: Rapture

Should we move if our parents are in poor health? Will the rapture happen on May 21st? What is...

Out of the Red: Virginia’s Economic Turnaround

Virginia is coming off of a budget surplus. The man behind the Old Dominion's journey back is Gov. Bob McDonnell.

Nature's Flu Fighters Lower Risk of Getting Sick

This could be a very bad season for the flu and many believe that season could start early.

Four Years after Gaza Pullout

Many Israelis say their pullout from the Gaza Strip four years ago proves that destroying settlements won't produce peace.

A Brand New Rebecca

She struggled to raise two boys and make ends meet. When a friend suggested stripping, she didn't see another way.

Dr. Massey's Special Gift

A special act of generosity changed the life of an entire village in southern India.

MRSA Infection Spreading Among Young Athletes

Experts are seeing an increase in the staph infection MRSA among children who participate in sports.

A Family's Back-Door Ministry of Giving

Mart Green, the CEO of Mardel Christian and Education Stores, spoke with CBN News on how giving can change lives.

Tony Gaskins, Jr.: Saving the Preacher's Son

"I went from being a church boy to being a thug overnight, basically. Just searching for myself..."

Build a Successful Internet Business

Chris and Heidi took their idea from local to global using the Internet and proven financial principles you can use.

Vergel’s Phone Call

After financial trouble, Vergel received Jesus as his savior. What happened next was a miracle.