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Arsonist's Parents Receive A Different Kind of Sentence

When a couple discovered their son was a serial arsonist, they turned him in. But a new storm was...

Helping Kids Overcome Difficult Circumstances

ABC News anchor Byron Pitts shares how he overcame a difficult childhood and now devotes himself to helping those...

Overcoming Hardship with Hope

Emmy-winning reporter Byron Pitts discusses his faith, overcoming a difficult childhood, and helping young people overcome overwhelming odds.

Recognizing God’s Signs and Wonders

SQuire Rushnell and Louise Duart share the secrets to recognizing the miraculous works of God.

The Secrets Behind Signs, Wonders, and Answered Prayers

Godwinks author SQuire Rushnell and Loiuse Duart share the secrets for recognizing God's signs, wonders, and Godwinks.

Hard-Hitting NFL Safety Reveals Softer Side

Shamarko Thomas talks with CBN Sports about the faith that sustained him when both his mother and step-father passed...

Miracle Pregnancy after Two Miscarriages

Even after two miscarriages, Mike and Melissa believed God would give them a child. They made an appointment with...

Defeating the Giants in Your Way

Louie Giglio discusses how to overcome the threatening giants in life and pursuing God to live life fully and freely.

Louie Giglio Overcomes Life's Giants

Author Louie Giglio discusses how to overcome the threatening giants in life to pursue God with his new book,...

Young Actress Entices Fans To Read

Actress Alena Pitts will discuss her role in the hit movie "War Room," and shares how she is now...

War Room Actress Leans on Faith to Pursue Dreams

Young actress Alena Pitts will discuss her role in the hit movie War Room, and how her dream came...

Called to Rise

Retired Dallas Police Chief David O. Brown discusses his faith and reactions after five police officers were killed in...

Ruptured Aneurysm Leaves Pregnant Wife's Life on the Line

Nate assumed Anna's headache could be treated with a painkiller, but then they discovered how dire the situation really was.

Betrayed Woman Searches for Perfect Family

Poverty and neglect shaped Victorya's idea of family and herself. After years of alcohol abuse, drugs, and failed relationships,...

On the Front Lines of Social Change

Dallas Police Chief David Brown inspired a nation with his response to the killing of five of his officers....

Child Soldier Escapes to Freedom

Isaac was captured and forced to join the Lord's Resistance Army as a child solder. After witnessing endless horror,...

Dropping Truth On a Life Defined by Lies

Alone, angry, and hurt by his step-father's constant insults, Dermon felt like God wasn't there. He turned to drugs...

Reflections of an Army Widow

Author Wesley Bauguess discusses her life as a military officer, wife, and Army widow.