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NFL Draft Pick Cooper Kupp Prepares for Impactful Career

Selected by the Los Angeles Rams in the 2017 NFL Draft, 23-year-old Cooper Kupp is entering his rookie season...

A Practical Guide to Navigating Today’s World

John Stonestreet discusses his new book, "A Practical Guide to Culture: Helping the Next Generation Navigate Today's World.”

Helping the Next Generation Navigate Today's World

Colson Center CEO John Stonestreet discusses our culture shift and how to equip the next generation to thrive in it.

A Stroke of Faith

Author Mark Moore shares how he moved from acceptance to surrender, and from hope to faith in the wake...

Stroke Leads Philanthropist to Stronger Faith

Author Mark Moore shares how suffering two strokes in two days led him to a personal relationship with Christ.

Mandisa Trusts God Through Her Deepest Pain

Contemporary Gospel singer Mandisa shares about the loss of a dear friend and how she is overcoming depression through...

Family First For This Businesswoman

Brandi Temple, founder of Lolly Wolly Doodle, a multi-million dollar online retailer shares how she kept faith and family...

The Start-Up Company That Outgrew Facebook

Brandi Temple's apparel company began by chance in 2009, and quickly grew into a multi-million dollar business called Lolly...

The Link Between Health and Wealth

Author Dr. Michael Roizen shares how to add years to your lie while adding dollars to your bank account.

Former Homeless Drug Addict Returns to the Streets

Cody ran away from an abusive home and landed in the streets addicted to drugs. It wasn't until he...

Discover the Link Between Health and Wealth

Dr. Michael Roizen discusses the link between health and wealth that could add years to your life and dollars...

Rape Survivor Discovers Joy In the Midst of Depression

Before she exuded strength and courage as a stunt woman, Laurie nearly lost her life to depression. A sexual...

Battle Against Mysterious Pain Ends With Prayer

Charlotte never imagined that she would be in so much pain she couldn’t take care of her family or...

Operation Focus: Remembering the Final Hours of the Six-Day War

Five years in the making, Operation Focus was an Israeli Air Force strike that destroyed the Egyptian Air Force...

Country Music Stars Trades Brokenness for Worship

Beloved singer-songwriter Jessi Colter opens up about standing by her husband, Wayland Jennings, and her journey back to her...

Change Your Marriage With One Word

Author Gary Thomas reveals the one word that can take your marriage to the next level.

The One Word That Can Radically Change Your Marriage

Author Gary Thomas shares the one word that can breathe new life into your marriage.

From Ruin to Redemption

Sentenced to life in prison at age 17 for a murder he didn’t commit and released 35 years later,...